Simple Video Pro Review – WordPress Plugin with Many Features. Worth the Price Tag?

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Simple video pro review afterthehoneymoon

Five days ago, I bought Simple Video Pro, and it was love at first sight. I even went back and bought the one time offer, which consisted of further WordPress plugins.

But after the honeymoon… I discovered a minor problem.

In this review, I will tell you everything:  what I have discovered, how support worked, and what happened next.

I’ll also walk through the sales letter to check if they deliver on their promise. “They” being Mike Lanz and Nick LaPolla.

Finally, you can read my conclusion. This product comes with a money-back guarantee. Do I intent to use it? Or can I endorse this product?

If you’re considering having video on your blog, read this review to find out, if you should invest in Simple Video Pro or not.

What is Simple Video Pro

Simple Video Pro playerIn short: Simple Video Pro is a WordPress plugin that can offer a video player with several features.

If you want a video on your blog, you need only to feed the video’s URL to the player, and you can choose between different skins or no skins at all. Some of those skins are plain frames, while others look like tablets, smart phones or computers.

But this is only the beginning…

Some of the smarter features with Simple Video Pro is:

  • You can add your own watermark/logo to the video, which helps your branding and looks more professional.
  • You can add a URL redirect – which is perfect if you’re doing affiliate marketing.
  • If you have your own product, you can let your affiliates promote your offers with embedded videos.
  • You decide where the video should start and stop playing, and if you want autoplay or not. (Choose “not”, please!)
  • You can insert a splash photo – which means that you’re not stuck with the one that is chosen by, for example, YouTube.
  • You can insert an end image, meaning you can have a link showing up, or whatever you like, instead of just a black screen.
  • You can add PayPal buttons, so it’s easy to monetize your offers or ask for donations.
  • If you want a banner to show up in the video, you can do that. You can even add an affiliate link. $$$
  • Add viral buttons… make it easy for your visitors to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (I love this feature!)
  • Advanced users can even add HTML code for endless possibilities – you can for example add a sign-up form, a message, you name it.
And then it can play videos 😉
I chose the version that I can install on unlimited domains of my own.

What Do You Get from the One Time Offer

When I saw the One Time Offer (OTO), I thought: This is not for me. They mentioned Facebook and stuff…

But right after I received my product, I discovered tutorials for this One Time Offer, making it so easy to do affiliate marketing with ClickBank, Amazon, and every other platform.

So I found it again by re-opening closed tabs in my browser, and bought.

The stupid thing is that I’ve already read that somebody else had done the same. I just wouldn’t listen.

My Problem with Simple Video Pro

First, I watched some of the videos. I had no problems with the installation of the plugins (except that I installed Simple Video Pro and then had to uninstall after I bought the OTO, but that went smoothly), and then I was ready to try this out.

I wanted to try the smart ClickBank feature, so I thought for a moment: What product do I own and love from ClickBank? It didn’t take me many seconds to remember Joel Comm’s AdSense Secrets.

Next I searched YouTube for a video, and then I wrote a blog post around AdSense Secrets, which was a life-changer for many years ago. 

It was late, so I didn’t add a splash screen and all that. Only a headline with arrows around it, the video, the text, and an affiliate link to ClickBank.

Then I discovered another cool feature, so I edited the post and added an area to it. If people “liked” the post on Facebook, they would get an awesome gift.

And I saw that everything looked excellent, and this was day one of my Simple Video Pro experience.

The Headline Screwed Up

The next day, I didn’t go directly to the blog post, like I’ve done the day before. I went to the front page of my blog, and I saw that the headline looked ugly.

All three lines showed up at one spot.

I contacted support, and waited… and waited some more.

They answered me yesterday. They were very sorry for the delay, and a new version would be available soon, and it should fix this problem.

Nothing Hidden in the RSS Reader

I’ve since discovered that the hidden area, which is only meant to show up, when people “like” my post, is visible in my RSS reader. I haven’t made a ticket, yet. Maybe the problem’s already solved with the update.

Simple Video Pro Support

After two days without an answer to your support ticket, most people start to become uncomfortable.

Not me. Yeah, but only slightly.

I’ve just been through a few days without Internet myself the week before, so I knew that unexpected things could happen.

Which is also what was the case here.

As I mentioned, support answered my ticket yesterday, and today I received a long letter from Nick L explaining everything.

They had tested the plugin on 1,400 people. A few of them, maybe 10%, had experienced minor problems, and Nick had fixed them individually.

No big deal.

“Ein baya”, as we say here (It means ‘no problem’.)

But when they launched the plugin as a WSO, their success was immense! Like he said: They figured it would be good, but this swept their legs away under them. It’s the best selling WSO ever!

So things will be fixed, and Nick was very, very sorry (it sounded genuine) about the problems people had experienced, and the delay. 

What Does the Sales Letter Promise?

Let’s take a look at the promises made in the sales letter:

“Simple Video Pro is NOT just another video ‘player’. It’s a complete video marketing platform.”

It offers ways to handle affiliate links, buy buttons, embed features, redirect links, logos and banners… so I guess this must be a ‘yes’.

“This never before seen secret weapon will revolutionize the way you sell your products online.”

Some of it has been seen before. I know a video player that offers redirect URL, and some other cool features, but unfortunately it is a Windows only product. This player works independently of your platform. Got a Mac? Good, so do I. And yes, you can use it. Got Linux? Ditto. Windows? Yes, if you can keep the blue screen of death away long enough… 😉 (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Anyway, the cool thing about this player is that you can use it directly in WordPress. You don’t need to upload tons of files or change codes. Just insert your link, and your good.

“Yes! SVP works with YouTube, Self-Hosted AND Amazon S3…”

I’ve tested with YouTube so far, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t work with other places. After all, you link to the video, and it works. That’s it.

“Yes! SVP plays on mobile devices…”

I’ve tested on my Samsung Galaxy SII, and the splash screen showed up, and the video played as it should.

Many years ago, eons before YouTube, somebody tried to sell me an online video player system for $50 per month. I wasn’t convinced. Especially, when I discovered that my husband couldn’t see the videos on his computer. He was using a PC with Linux back then. It’s very important that your video player can be watched from all devices.

“Here’s What Simple Video Pro can do for you” (long list of features)

I’ve tried most of these features, and they work.

You get one year of updates, when you buy, and I would have wished that this would have been a longer period. But well… 

Conclusion of this Simple Video Pro Review

Because of the screwed up headline, I could have decided to ask for a refund. But I find Simple Video Pro far too valuable, so even if this problem should never get fixed, I can live with it. The rest of the features are awesome!

And there are endless possibilities.

One of the forum members did a test in a new ClickBank niche and made almost $1,200 in three days, and you can see all the usual zeros on his ClickBank account below the three days with sales.

I think that was one of the facts that convinced me of buying. And trying it afterwards confirmed that I took the right decision.

So no refund for me, thanks.

In my opinion, this is one of the best products I’ve bought in a long time, and certainly one of the best premium WordPress plugins that exists.

You can get it here (while it’s available):

I hope you found this Simple Video Pro review helpful.

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