Sitting on the Beach, Sipping a Tropical Drink, Making Money Online? Nope, the Sun Gets in the Screen

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So, making money online, it’s all about sitting on the beach sipping a tropical drink, and occasionally typing a few words on a laptop, right?

Hehe, if this is your dream, then prepare for a ruthless wake-up call.

Woman laptop beach

This is not how it works.

One reason is in most cases, you will not be able to detect what’s on your screen, when the sun is shining. Do a test. Unless you have a MacBook Pro, all you’re going to see will most likely be black. No words. No pictures. No-thing. If you have a MacBook Pro, it’s different. Besides the extra status it lends you, you will also be able to see things almost as clearly as if you were at home.

No, the woman in the picture is OBVIOUSLY not me. I have a MacBook Pro 😉

And drinking and working? Doesn’t combine well. Maybe if your name is Frank Kern, but for the rest of us? Nope, stay sober.

That leaves out the beach and the drink. What’s left of this so highly WANTED dotcom lifestyle? I can summon it up in one word:


You’re NOT free from work. You’ll probably work more hours than when you had a day-job. But you’re the one who decides whether you should give it some extra efford, or rather go and watch “My Country’s Got Talent” with your spouse, kids and dog.

You’re the boss!

To tell you the truth, I’m a much harsher boss than my real boss was. I’ve been talking to people who played World of Warcraft in their working hours. I couldn’t dream of doing so — unless I had to write an article about the game, of course.

I have a friend who works hard on his day-job — on his own business, that is 😉 Yes, he does Internet marketing all the time at work. Forget about setting up monthly membership sites. Get a day-job with a fix income, and then do Internet marketing in your working hours.

Nah, that’s not exactly freedom to me. The poor guy has to get up every morning at 5AM and then drive to work.

Sometimes, I go to bed around that times. Then I get up somewhere in the noon, get some coffee, write, read, get more coffee, and then eventually, I take a bath and get dressed.

That’s freedom!

Responsibility-based freedom.

Yeah, Britt, but I need XX thousand dollars per month… I can’t make that much on the Internet

Says who?

You’re not making those sums now, no. Because you have a day-job. So you don’t have the urge to make money, when you have the luxury of the slavery wages that goes to your account each month.

And another thing: Why do you need that much money?

To pay off your nice new car? The rent for the house? The expensive food in your area?

Have you ever considered selling your car? Moving to a less expensive area of the world?

I mean – really! If this is your dream, if you want to do something different than getting up, going to work, coming home, sleeping… Then you need to make it happen.

It’s worth it.

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