Affiliate Marketing Reviews With Chris Rempel: Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate

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money made in september This is an oldie, but goodie! To the best of my knowledge, Chris Rempel was the first to tell us to write affiliate marketing reviews to make sales. I bought and read The Lazy Super-Affiliate by him back in July 2008 – and then I took action. To the left, you can see my income from september that year, but read on to learn about my experiences with this now classic ebook. Is it working? Is it a good book?

The book explains how you can easily make money from other people’s products: affiliate products, you make a percentage of.

Instead of trying to convince people to buy a specific product, you grab the ones that are already interested, and then you assure them that they made the right decision. This is where the money is!

Trust me, if takes much less effort, and you get much better results, if you make reviews of what people already want to buy, than if you try to tell them about something new, and convince them that they really need this new thing.

The Lazy Super-Affiliate tells you how to pick a niche and your products. I chose the weight loss niche back then, og and learned quite a lot about losing fat.

The site was set up in July 2008, and already two months later, I made $165,13, and it wasn’t even submitted to Google at that time, and I hadn’t yet written articles and submitted them.

What is really nice about this idea is that you create the site once and for all, and then you let it run and make you money on auto pilot. Then you start on a new site the same way, let it run and make you more money. Imagine having ten sites like that – or 20? All you need to do is to create one site per month, following this concept.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that it uses Clickbank. Well, I don’t mind using Clickbank, but there are so many other places, you can use as well. If you get the book, I recommend that you start out with CB, and then you can easily switch to another network later. That’s what I did.


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