How to Succeed at Making Money Online – The Secret Formula

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Succeed at making money online

At the Warrior Forum and in other places, I often see people write that they have “tried to make money”, but didn’t succeed.

Why not?

What is the difference between failure and success?

How do you succed at making money online?

Well, it’s simple. There is a formula for that and a secret. The secret is to NOT follow to formula.

Confused? Great! Then listen to what I have to tell you here…

You have probably bought millions of bytes of info material that teaches you to make money online in one way or another.

All of those authors claim to make money by following their methods.

Are they lying? Faking the ClickBank results and their nice PayPal statistics?

No, I think not. The difference between them and people who fail are probably that they actually do follow their own plans and that they also keep tweaking them.

This is what Tiffany Dow has to say about what she thinks is the biggest problems for people’s success online:

1. They don’t fully follow instructions. They read and implement portions of a course, but don’t do all of the steps outlined in the course. I know this for a fact because people email me asking me how to do something that’s already in the courses I created.

2. They do the minimum and nothing more. I was taught how to get an eBook up. But putting it in my hosting account and up on a minisite and then in ClickBank isn’t where I stopped. You have to go BEYOND the courses you take and test ideas YOU have and tweak things on your own.

3. Sometimes it’s not the product or business model, but something else causing it to fail. I could walk you through every step of launching an eBook minisite, and making X number of dollars per month with it – but there are a ton of factors that could determine its success, such as:

  • the topic you chose
  • whether or not you have a good personality to develop fans
  • fate on having others share it in a viral buzz
  • what all you do to get traffic to your site

So in other words:

  1. Choose one method from one of your info products (or buy a new one).
  2. Follow the instructions closely.
  3. Implement what is suggested.
  4. Try another angle if the first one didn’t work.
  5. Tweak, and come up with your own version of the method.

Which points are you guilty of? Do you follow the instructions? Do you try to get away with doing as little as possible? Have you tried more than once, if, for instance, your topic didn’t hit?

3 thoughts on “How to Succeed at Making Money Online – The Secret Formula”

  1. Hello Britt,
    The nail is hit exactly on the head.
    Things I do are too often done ½.
    So – now I can use the next 5 years doing the other ½. (Next month I read your book, Tjen penge online, for the first time 5 years ago).
    But – I have enjoyed most of what I have done trying(!) to earn some money on the net.

    1. Wow, Jørgen, five years already?

      Thanks for your comment. Time certainly flies… You have done a lot more than most people have, that’s for sure! You have taken action, and you have made money. But if you feel like you’ve often only done half, then you have a goal to work against 🙂

      What would help you get started? A challenge? A group of people? A blueprint? (nah, you have one)

      Let me know your thoughts…

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