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John Schwartz Zeus66 Article ImpactReview: Can this help you to earn money writing articles? A while ago, I bought John Schwarz’s (AKA Zeus66) course on article writing. It’s now named Article Impact, and I really liked it, and it immediately became one of my favourite article writing products.

Now, you’re warned 🙂 I like it! But I’ll tell you what you get, and what I think is unique about John’s product. And then I’ll let you decide whether or not you think it’s worth your money and time.

Article Impact is build around a 4-day article writing workshop.

You get a pdf with an overview over the workshop, a pdf with an introduction, and then two pdf files for each day of the workshop.

The daily pdf-files consists of the formula and examples.

And then you get 4 or 5 videos per day, which shows you exactly how to use the formula.

Each of the days will teach you a special kind of article. This is what I find unique about John’s system. He doesn’t teach you to write the same type of article, no matter what you are going to use it for. No, he says: Decide, before you write, what you want to use your article for, and then write it accordingly.

This is what he teaches you to write:

1) Fast articles that are used primarily to get backlinks to help move your site up in the search engine rankings.

2) Fast articles that are good for content at your site or blog.

3) Longer authoritative articles that can be used to brand yourself and your site as the authority in your niche.

4) Moderate-length direct traffic articles designed to push readers

I was already a pretty fast article writer, before I took this course (can do 8 in two hours), but to be honest, I used to get tired, when I’ve written that number of articles.

After John’s course, I wrote three articles in a row, and I didn’t even feel slightly fatigued.

When articles are targeted like that, they have a much higher impact. If you want to earn money writing articles, I highly recommend you get this course.

Bad things about it: Well, as usual, I would have loved a transcript of the videos. That’s really all I can dig up.



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