Write Articles For Money – Review of “Slap EzineArticles Version 2” by Rob Howard

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If you came here from my article on Ezine Articles, you know that to write articles for money is no more than following this formula:

Write article → Submit article → Get views → Get click throughs → Make money

Only trouble is that every link in this chain must work, or you’ll never get the result you want.

The product “Slap EzineArticles Version 2” by Rob Howard tells you exactly how to write an article, to get accepted in EzineArticles, to get more views, to get more click throughs, and to make money.

Let me tell you exactly what you get, what the good, the bad, and the ugly is about this product, and my honest opinion about it.

What You Get

When you’ve purchased the product, you get a download link that contains the following:

1 e-book (pdf) with methods and 3 example articles

1 mindmap (pdf)

7 videos (mp4 – can be played with VLC or others)

Bonus: Slap EzineArticles version 1

Video 1 is an introduction to the whole system, Rob uses to make him money from articles.

I truly wished, I’d learned the content of video 2, before I started out. It’s about how you get approved as a platinum status writer at EzineArticles after your first 10 articles. I had to do the 10, and than 3 times 25 (or maybe only 2, don’t remember it), before I finally received that status. This method should get you there after only 10 articles, and platinum status means several advantages. 1) Your articles will be approved faster. 2) They will not be nearly as strickt, when they check your articles, and 3) You get better statistic information from EzineArticles.

The five last videos show you the formula for writing successful articles (you can actually use this as a template), how to create a resource box that will get you a huge amount of clicks, and how to make money with your articles (video 6 – “Insta Cash Method”.

I loved the little trick, Rob gave in that video. Instead of just asking people to go to your blog or page, you should explain to them why they should do so, and why you didn’t just write everything in your article. Tell them that “this article doesn’t leave enough space”, and they’ll think: Hm… that sounds fair enough. I’ll go check his site.

What I Would Have Loved To Get

While I watched the videos, I took notes, but I realise now that I didn’t take nearly enough notes. I’ll have to watch those videos again.

I would have loved to have transcripts of those videos, because it would have saved some time for me.

What I Hated

Only kidding. Hate is too strong a feeling to waste your time with, but this is really a spot that annoyed me a bit. It’s kind of my pet peeve. You see, Rob tells us about a product named RSSBot, which seems cool, but it’s a Windows-only program 🙁

When I complained about why he hadn’t told us about a program for Mac, too, he admitted that he had never succeeded in finding any.

Right, I forgive him, then 😉 Especially because his product really is good.

Beginner or Advanced Article Marketer?

This product is useful whether you’re just starting out, or you have already written a lot of articles.



3 thoughts on “Write Articles For Money – Review of “Slap EzineArticles Version 2” by Rob Howard”

  1. Thanks for a nice review. It is somewhat of a surprise when I read about Platinum status that: “2) They will not be nearly as strickt, when they check your articles”… I thought Chris had mentioned that articles that are edited are submitted for review under the “new” editorial guidelines valid on the date submitted, and that it was often one of the reasons why previously accepted articles could be denied acceptance at a later time when new guidelines are set in motion.

    But I may have misunderstood. Just wondering.

    1. Yes, Ezine Articles have several rules to follow, even a few non-written ones, you just have to know about. I wrote an eBook about those, and how to obtain Platinum Status at EzineArticles.com – you cannot buy it, though. It’s not for sale. Anyway, I found that writing longer articles than just the necessary 400 word articles makes it more likely to have your article approved. Learn how to write more quality articles faster => “How To Write 8 Articles In 2 Hours or Less”

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