Work From No Home Review Part 2 – Ripping Apart the Sales Page

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work from no home review part 2

In this second part of my Work From No Home Review, I’m going to take an in-depth look at the sales page. Not just what I like and dislike, but whether or not you can trust what it says.

A sales page says a lot about the product. Some say that sales pages lie. I don’t believe that. But I do believe that they are written to promote a product and show all the benefits to the reader. I see nothing wrong about that.

What I do find unethical, though, is when there are direct exaggerations and empty hype in the copy.

Now, I have the product, and I can see and read the sales page, so I will be able to tell you what is hype, what is true, and what is not so close to the truth. Let’s see how well it does, when I’m ripping apart the sales letter to “Work From No Home”.

Work From No Home Review – The Sales Page Vs. Product

If you’re ever going to sell a product yourself, you could use this sales page of an example of how to do it. If you look at the picture at the beginning of this blog post, you’ll see what meets our eyes, when we go to the sales page.

You have graphics on top; you have the MacBook laptop Peng Joon is travelling with and use to make the money mentioned in the case story; you have the video inside this MacBook; and you have a call to action button to purchase from.

Everything neatly above the fold. There’s no need to scroll down. You have it all here, ready to click and get started.

Work from no home review part2 man beach

Work From No Home Review – The Video Case Story

When you enter the site, the video starts automatically. I don’t like that, but it takes only a click of the mouse to stop it again, if necessary.

What you’ll see when you watch the video is Peng Joon, travelling from Malaysia to the US, checking ClickBank on this trip and ending up making more than $12K in 29 days.

Work from no home woman pc beach

You don’t see how he does, in the video, but he does tell us that he spends about an hour each day, working on the money-making site.

Inside the member’s area, you have among other things a 30 day action plan (you can read more about that in yesterday’s Work From No Home Review), and it’s very believable that he spend around an hour daily in the beginning and less later on.

My guess is, though, that he chose his product, before going on vacation.

Scrolling Down to the First Headline

Unfortunately, I cannot copy and paste the first headline, because it’s part of a picture, but right now it says:

[…] Best of all, this system requires ZERO setup costs & no prior technical knowledge (I’ll teach you along the way)

This is not entirely true. It does require some setup costs. You need to purchase a domain, as far as I have understood this system. I don’t think he talks about using free sites like Blogger, and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

So be ready to pay around $2 to $10 for a domain and to pay for hosting, if you don’t have that already. This is a very inexpensive investment in your future. In my opinion, but it’s still not zero setup costs. You cannot make money without investing in your business and buying a domain.

How to do that, and how to set up your blog and all, yes, that’s explained inside.

The Secret to Make Money Online

Unlike so many other marketers, Peng Joon reveals the secret to make money online. To him it’s traffic. He tells us that on the sales page. No hidden secrets. Nothing mystical about that.

And I’m happy to say that he uses only common sense and white-hat methods to get that targeted traffic.

Work from no home man beach eee pc

Okay, the following part of the sales letter shows us proof of his income, and it tells us his story. It’s very entertaining, and you should read it. It can actually be funny to read a sales letter 🙂

Then the usual pictures of a nice home, him in different locations alone or with friends, and then a text that says:

I merely want to impress upon you that the Dot Com lifestyle is real and achievable because if you’re anything like me, you want to know EXACTLY how to start making money online with the least amount of effort or knowledge possible.

So, the story goes that he’s spend thousands of dollars, learning about Internet marketing, and then he tweaked it again and again and finally boiled it down to a system that works. This is the system he now teaches us.

Does he show us EXACTLY how to start? Yes, he does.

Have others said something like that before? Maybe. He has a unique twist to it, though, that I haven’t heard mentioned before. I think Andrew Hansen does a little bit of the same, but he doesn’t make it as clear as Peng Joon does. This little twist is probably what separates a winning home page from one that barely makes a couple of dollars.

It’s how to choose your product that’s important. Or rather – it builds the fundation of your upcoming fortune. So choose wisely. (Picking Your Market is the place to go to learn about that, if you already got the product.)

Introducing the Work From No Home System

Around half way down, we finally get introduced to the product. So let’s see how sales page Vs. product turns up.

Module 1 – Sales Page Vs. Product

Right, let me hug this guy! He says what I’ve been saying for years:

When it comes to picking your niche, it helps to choose something that you are passionate about, whether it’s fitness, sewing or what-ever floats your fancy.


Not that you cannot write about something you’re not passionate about, but you write better about something you are, and besides, it’s easier to get motivated to start writing, if you love the topic.

So yes, so far so good. They start out by teaching how to pick a niche, and then how to pick a product to promote. This is the part I haven’t seen explained in a similar way anywhere else.

We learn how he picks a product; we use free tools to do it, yes. 

Then he says:

I will also reveal the secret strategy I use to generate free traffic by leveraging off content created by other people using legitimate means.

Woah, that’s something of a promise. Does he deliver?

Yes, he does.  Check Content Creation -> Supplemental Pages

Module 2 – Hype or Facts?

Work from no home woman beach pc

I’ll keep it short here. Yes, only facts about this module. And he does boil it down to the most effective ways to make money online. Although he himself makes money in several ways (he’s been selling some of his lists, for instance), this is not what he teaches in Work From No Home.

This product is all about affiliate marketing. You can use this knowledge on Amazon products or ClickBank products. He has his idea about what is the fastest of the two, but you are free to choose yourself.

Module 3 – Three More Bullet Points

Where back in the first phase, here: choosing the product. What he says about picking a great domain name is true. I wish I’d known that tip before! Watch/read that part closely, when you get there.

Sneaky (but legal) trick to skyrocket your search rankings in Google (or any other search engine) and even outrank the domain of the product you are promoting.

I had to check the above, because I couldn’t remember having watched or read about that. Ah, I see. It’s because I haven’t been through everything in the member’s area yet. Here it was. I will definitely use that.

Module 4 – There It Was Again, That Word – “Skyrocket”

Yeah, well. There is not much hype in this sales letter, but “skyrocket” has been used a couple of times. I’ll forgive the copywriter, though, because he’s done a brilliant work.

And again, there’s not much I can say. Everything that’s promised under this module you can find inside.

Module 5 – Is Work From No Home Really as Panda and Pinguin Safe As They Claim

Yes, it is.

And again, I’m happy to hear an expert say what I’ve been saying about SEO. And I’m as far from an SEO expert as you can get.

Putting It All Together

What you get, if you decide to purchase Work From No Home, is a system that takes you from picking your niche to choosing a product, over buying the right domain name, setting up your site with the necessary content (and not multitudes of pages), to getting traffic to the site and make money.

In the case story, Peng Joon makes money from day 3. That takes some planning, but not that much, to be honest. I’m following his 30 day plan myself at the moment, and I cannot possibly make any money yet, because the product I chose hasn’t launched yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

If you want a system to follow to help you keep focused and to save you time, then you should get Work From No Home.

If you’re looking for a push-button system, making you money yesterday, then this is not for you.

This is the real thing. Not some fake glitter. I highly recommend it.

At the moment, it’s priced very low – only $37. I will update the price if it goes up.

But seriously! If I were you, I would check this product now.

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  1. Awesome review Britt!

    I really love your review technique. Offers a looot of insight on the product you don’t get elsewhere. Do more of those please!


  2. Dear Britt,

    Thanks for the great and in-depth review on Work From No Home. I got new insights from your review on the product and very helpful. Reading reviews will help us to know about the products and will save our time. Thanks for helping many people via your review. Keep up the great work I will come back to your website to learn more information. Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you, Paul. You found an old review here. I’m not sure the product still exists. Good luck with your blogging.

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