Rant: Don’t Ask Me If I Really Want To Leave Your Page

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no exit pop-upA few moments ago, I received an email from Justin Glover. Inside was a link to a page, and I clicked it, realised that it wasn’t something that helt my interest, and clicked on the x to close the tab in my browser.

I don’t lie! I had to click *12* times OK, before I was permitted to leave the annoying page. TWELVE times!

I know that “they” say that these exit pop-ups work. But do they really? Have you ever stayed on a page, just because you were bullied into doing so? Unless, it was something real cool (nah!) like giving a huge discount, which in many cases left out the affiliate of the quotation.

When I’ve made up my mind and want to leave a page, I want to leave it. I don’t fall for this “are you really sure?” trick. Of course, I’m sure! Do you think I’m stupid or what?

Please tell me in the comments, if these exit pop-ups work for you or not.

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