“Work From No Home” Review – From Annoyed to Excited (Part 1)

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Work from no home review part1

When I heard about “Work From No Home”, it was just about to launch. It looked interesting. Too good to be true, actually, but since John Chow was involved, I wanted to check it out.

Everybody had been sending out hyped emails about this kid who made $12,614 on vacation, only with his laptop and an internet connection, and actually, I didn’t even consider watching the video “where he showed it all”, or whatever they wrote.

Yeah, right!

So I don’t know what actually made me take a look at the product, but I did, and then I saw that John Chow had something to do with it.

Even though I was sceptical, making that kind of money from ClickBank sounded interesting, so I asked the affiliate manager the following question, not really expecting to get an answer:

So the Question Is: Will “Work From No Home” be Here Today and Gone Tomorrow?

I asked that directly: “Is this product staying available for a long time?”

And the affiliate manager wrote back to me and said:

We’d love for our product to be featured on your site, as we much prefer steady, consistent sales instead of hit and run tactics where you see huge numbers for one week before things die down soon after.

This product will definitely be maintained and updated for months to come.

That was good news!

I normally spend many hours on reviewing a product, and I didn’t want to waste 8-10 hours of work on a product that would be available only for a couple of weeks.

Besides, in my opinion it is the evergreen products that are best. I prefer to sell the same old product many times rather than sell the latest and hottest new trend. I’m happy every time I see somebody pick up a product I wrote about in 2010, or even earlier.

Okay, with that worry out of the way, I dived into “Work From No Home”.

Nice and Orderly Set-Up

When you purchase “Work From No Home”, you don’t receive an e-book or a DVD. You get access to a members area. And that always make me sweat a bit.

Because sometimes, you enter, and just as if you entered a big party where everybody is already mingling, you don’t know where to go, or where to start, so you end up standing in a corner with a half empty glass.

This experience was totally differnent. I’ve rarely seen anything so nicely set-up. Actually, I envy Peng Joon Chan his webmaster. Wow! Take a look at this screenshot:

Work From No Home Review

You know exactly where to start and where to go next. You can either use the menu at the top (from left to right), or at the right side, or at the front page. Or you can just click on the link at the bottom of each page to go to the next page.

Sorry for my shaking “hand”-writing on the picture. I wanted to circle the three visible navigation spots.

At the picture you can see Peng Joon Chan, who created this product. He’s a young guy who’s been one of the best selling ClickBank affiliates, and on the sales page (or somewhere) I saw him showing his diploma from ClickBank. It mentioned 2010…

Oh, and the dreaded Panda and Pinguin updates came in 2011 and 2012.

So will this stuff still work? I was very sceptical.

Oh So Annoying!

Yeah, I had barely started on my journey into the universe of a super-affiliate, before I read something that highly annoyed me.

Peng Joon Chan saw an opportunity, and he invested around $15,000 in it.


Well, I cannot do that. So what? Does that mean that only the rich can succeed?

No. Luckily, Peng explains how to make money (from Amazon or ClickBank or any other place, by the way) with no other investment than the price of a domain. He recommends a dot-com, but if you’re really on a budget, you can get an info domain for a couple of dollars. And then you need hosting. I know that you can get decent hosting down to $1 per month. So this should be possible for everybody to do.

What Made Me Excited About Work From No Home?

The set-up. The simplicity. The videos – ha! If you know me, you also know that I hate watching videos! And in this course, I couldn’t get enough. I was almost disappointed if there were only text on a page.

More: The way things were explained. The healthy advice. No black hat. Not even grey hat. Only white hat tips.

No, you don’t have to worry about Pinguins, Pandas or any other pet, when you follow this course. Actually, not to boast, cough, but I’ve said some of these things myself for years, like: It’s the quality that matters, not the quality. And don’t try to build a farm of backlinks or cheat in any other way.

Create content your readers will love, and the search engines will love you as well.

Now I have a super-affiliate’s word for it: I’m right.

Allow me to repeat that:

I’m right!


Tomorrow: Work From No Home Review Part 2

Okay, this is getting long already, so let me continue tomorrow.

I want to go through his sales page and see if he delivers on his promises.

Until then, I actually do recommend that you go and see the video everybody and their dog is hyping about here.

Update: Part 2 of the review is here: Work From No Home Review Part 2 – Ripping Apart the Sales Page

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