How To Avoid The Dreaded “Dear Firstname” Error

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This morning, it happened again. I received a letter with the kind words “Dear Firstname” as the introduction. I guess some Internet marketer has very red ears, now, when he’s discovered mistake. I’ve done it myself in the past, but I found a foolproof way to avoid it. (It works for me = proof.) And you can use the same method.

firstname Look at this letter 😀 And now read how to avoid it.

I use a small application that lets me write a keyword or abbreviation that I’ve chosen beforehand, and it will then spit out the whole text. It can do tons of things, even include graphics, but for now, what I want you to show you is this:

Instead of having to remember the code, AWeber uses to automatically insert the first name, I just remember the word “first”. That simple. But since I don’t want my application to replace every “first” with the code {!firstname_fix} , I’ve added a precaution. I have to put a # before the keyword, like this: #first. Everytime I feed the program with this key, it will spit out the full AWeber code.

No more “Dear {!firstname_fix } or any other error from me.

I use the program called Typinator for this task. It’s for Mac, and the price is at the moment 19.99 eur. I’m sorry, I cannot see the price in dollars, since it has automatically switched to euro.

Before I switched to Mac, I used ShortKeys under Windows. It is now priced $24.95, and as far as I remember it can do almost as much as Typinator. Not sure about the graphics, though.

WARNING: Shocking fact! I’m sorry, but none of the above links are affiliate links. Yes, I know… A bit shameful, but well, things like that can happen to anybody, you know.

Update 2018: I use Nagarsoft PhraseExpander now instead of Typinator and ShortKeys. There’s also a free tool called TextExpander (or is it Phrase-something?) which I hear is good.

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  1. Both are true, there is a program called “Textexpander”, you have to pay every month for it (3 or 4 dollars, don’t remember). I didn’t try it and don’t know how good or bad it is.

    The other (Phrase-something), is called PhraseExpress. It is buyware but it is free if you use it for personnal use.

    It exists in Mac OS, Windows, Android and iPhone and there are also some add-ons avalaible. You’ll find it here:

    It is the one I use and I like it very much.

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