The Downside of being an Affiliate – You Need to Read this Warning (a big name will be mentioned with documentation)

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it is not always easy to get your moneyWhen I wrote “Tjen penge på nettet” (make money online) for a Danish publishing house many years ago, they asked me to put in a paragraph about getting paid as an affiliate.

Normally, you join as an affiliate, you get a special link, and when a customer uses your link to buy from, you get paid.

Some systems pay you immediately, while others pay you later the same month, or after 60 days.

In most cases, this system just works. But I will warn you about one well-known marketer whom I don't recommend you work with.

Affiliate Platforms

I've never had any problems getting paid by ClickBank, PayDotCom and several others. I don't use Plimus, because Andrew Hansen (he always pays on time, by the way) warned about them.

Except from Plimus, if you find a product, and you need to join an affiliate platform, go ahead and do it. You will most likely get paid on time.

Individual Marketers

A lot of Internet marketers have their own affiliate system. I do also. Many use a direct PayPal method where the affiliate gets paid every time (100%), every second time (50%), or for their sale number two and three (66%). This works, since when a customer clicks your affiliate link, if it's your turn to receive a payment, the money goes directly to your PayPal.

No problem – or “ein baya”, as we say here in Israel (I'm still struggling to learn Hebrew).

Jason Fladlien

While I don't know if he's cheating the big gurus with huge lists they can just say “gogogogo” to and then they buy, I can say that for smaller affiliates like myself, it's a waste of energy to work as his affiliate. You have to drag every answer from his help desk, and to get paid? Woah! That takes patience and persistance.

I've been recommending two of his products: “Seven minute article”, and “48 Hour Report”.

I thought they were great products, and I thought that my subscribers could profit from them, too, but he doesn't treat affiliates very fair.

They don't answer support tickets.

They promise things, but don't deliver on their promises, and you have to remember it, contact them again, etc.

Last time, I had to approach Jason Fladlien, it was because a subscriber wrote to me to say that my link to the “48 Hour Report” was broken. I checked inside his affiliate area – no, I had the right link. But it didn't work. They had moved the product, without telling affiliates about it.

And they had changed to another of their own affiliate systems, too. Which means that my measly $18.50 would never reach their payout limit ($20).

I contacted them, got no answer, wrote again, and again, but still no answer. I send a PM to Jason Fladlien on the Warrior Forum. No answer.

First, when I made a note on his WF profile and put the log inside, stating when I'd contacted him and how, then something happened. I got an email, and I had to – again – send a tax form.

I did – and received a confirmation from Mary Jo Spencer (staff?) June 25th. She wrote:

“I will get your Infusionsoft payment out this week.”

That was good news. The bad news is that I still haven't received anything, and in fact, I forgot about it. I only thought about it, because a friend wrote that she didn't trust Jason Fladlien.

And like my subscriber said: A lot of people would probably read my recommandation, try the link, and when that didn't work, find the product themselves. No affiliate commission in those cases.

What to do, then?

I recommend that you don't work as an affiliate for Jason Fladlien or anybody else who's that hard to communicate with and get paid from.

If the products were really great, write your own and make them better.

I already came up with “How to write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less“, and I'm going to write an eBook about how to write your own reports fast and good. I already wrote my reports faster than in 48 hours anyway.

A lot of his PHP scripts and products exist in alternative, and much cheaper, versions. Go and find them, and become an affiliate for them instead. And then leave marketers like Jason Fladlien to the big Internet spammers marketers, who recommend ten products per week, and get lots of refund requests anyway.

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