Review of Jason Fladlien’s “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes“

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In this first review of article marketing products teaching you how to do article writing faster and better, I will take you through Jason Fladlien's report called “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes“.

Like all other reports by Jason Fladlien, this one is an easy read. It has been updated several times, and lately Jason has added video to the package.

Does it really work? This is probably one of the questions, you're asking. And yes, “it” does work. Your articles will not be writing themselves; you still have work to do, but this book with its examples and templates makes it very simple to write an article, and you should be able to do it in eight minutes as claimed.

Disclaimer: If you're typing at a snail's pace, or thinking extremely slowly, you will not be able to write an article in 8 minutes, but you'll probably still learn to do it faster than you used to.

The report tells you how you can do very fast research by using only three special research sites, and according to my own experience, these are sufficient for most articles meant for article directories or common home pages/blogs.

When I used his technique to research and write an article, it took me longer than 7 minutes in the beginning, but after some practice, I was able to do it.

I have an advantage in that I type very fast (400+ chars per minute), but a disadvantage in that I'm not English.

You get a swipe file (template), so you can just fill in the blanks and crank out articles as fast as possible.

The introduction to the articles, according to this swipe file, isn't very exciting, and you'll probably have to come up with something more intriguing, if you want to grab more reader's attention.

You'll get some neat tricks about how to get into the right mindset and stop procrastinating (don't we all need to get a kick in the behind from time to time?), and about how to write a story, if you happen to be obliged to write several unique articles around the same keyword.

All in all, a very good product that belongs in every article writer's toolbox.

Get it from the link below (affiliate link, but I still mean what I say):


2 thoughts on “Review of Jason Fladlien’s “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes“”

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Jasons products for a long time. One thing I found you can do to really speed up your writing is set the timer for 1 hour. Then write as many articles using Jasons system as possible. The first time I got 5 articles done, with a little practice you can easily get 8 done!

  2. Great idea! When you’re timing yourself, your not only measuring how much time you spend writing, but you’re also pacing yourself, trying to beat the old record each time.

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