Tube Authority Blaster Review (5) – Watched All the Videos – Many, but Short – and You Don’t Get This…

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Okay, so I felt a little overwhelmed last week, right before the weekend. The thought of going through 19 videos and take notes scared me. “I need time for this,” I thought. “Lots of time.”

But I was wrong.

The videos inside the member’s area of Tube Authority Blaster actually only last a few minutes each. I think most of them are between 3 and 5 minutes long.

And what I really appreciate is the ABSENSE of certain things that I HATE in videos, and I’ll tell you what that is – maybe you share my DISGUST for those things 😉

This is what you DON’T get in the videos at Tube Authority Blaster

Blow your nose before recording a video

  • Sounds of ssschlllluuuuurb (drinking coffee).
  • Long waiting times for uploading things, loading windows, etc.
  • Sounds of sssschnuffffff (person with permanent cold, not using hankerchiefs).
  • Oups, and oh, and I forgot, you have to do this first, it is very important…
  • Fumbling around, not knowing which menu to chose.

What you DO get in the videos:

  • Short and to the point videos.
  • Almost all your questions answered inside the video.
  • All the explanations you need to take action.
  • Clear explanations and walk-throughs of all the steps to become a Tube Authority – except ONE.

So let’s get on with the review (it will be short this time). This will be the second last review in the series. The final Tube Authority Blaster review will be a summon up of what I’ve discovered during this thorough review.

Checklist Videos # 2 to 19 in Tube Authority Blaster

Those videos didn’t have a lot of comments and very few questions. They are short and straight-forward, easy to understand. They go through all the necessary steps from creating a YouTube channel, to changing the settings, to adding content, and to send traffic to this channel, so we can get views to our videos.

One thing is NOT explained: how you make the videos. But you can use other YouTube courses to teach you that. One of my favourites is Peter Garety’s Quick ScreenCast Profits.

I had a real wow-moment in checklist video #17. Even though I’ve been using YouTube since 2007, I’m VERY far from being a power user, and I’d never heard about this little trick that will help you get traffic to your videos and subscribers to your channel. Brilliant!

Thumbs Up or Down for Tube Authority Blaster?

When I started this review series, I didn’t endorse the product yet. I wanted to see what was inside. I want to try the method shown, as well, but I have an opinion already now, just after having watched the videos.

Yes, I endorse this product. I think it will be difficult to find anything that goes through so many details and explain things so well as this course does.

Will it work, too? It will take some time to go through, but the weekly planner will help. This is NOT a static review. I will come back and report about my results, as soon as they turn in. So keep in touch.

I will post a short blog post to summon up my impression of this course later when I’ve tested the method myself.

Obs! If you read this AFTER the 26th of June, the link will be down, and you will not be able to get the course for about two weeks. Bookmark this page and come back in two weeks, or subscribe to my ezine, and I’ll let you know when it’s available again.

If you want to read this review series from the start, the first Tube Authority Blaster review is here.

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