Tube Authority Blaster Review (4) – From “eh?” to “AHA!”

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Tube Authority BlasterBefore I started out, watching the videos in the next area (checklist), I checked (no pun intented) the customer’s comments. Sometimes, this is a timesaver. If you sit with something you wonder about, or didn’t understand in a video, chances are that somebody else wondered about the same, and if the question has already been asked and answered, you save time.

There were 11 comments to the first video, but only one question and answer, and then comments like these:

Good information and the database great. So far so good.

There are names attacked to these comments, and these are NOT people who got a free review copy, like I did, because we all use the same login, and we would be writing in one of the product owner’s names…

This is the best course on You Tube Channel and Video. I understand clearly what’s important factors in creating Channel and Video in You Tube. Excellent JObs, and praised for Sam Uherek who clearly explained step by step so that a beginner like me understood The You Tube and Beyond.

Here’s a comment from somebody who’s not in the Internet marketing niche:

Peter, Sam and Lisa,
You have over delivered. I am not an IMer.

Let’s close it with one more comment:

Hi Guys

Thanks for laying the ground work in a way that a newbie like me can understand….Youtube can seem a little daunting ,,, just having the basics explained like this in a clear way is perfect for me.


And now, without further ado, on to the review.

The Checklist #1 Area of Tube Authority Blaster

This area consists of four videos, a checklist, and a research table on a spreadsheet. The topic is “Researching The Top Results For Your Main Keyword”. Keyword research is often a good place to start, and it’s THE place to start, if you want to rank for certain keywords.

The first video is less than 4 minutes long, and goes over some basic keyword checking in Google’s keyword tool as well as takes you to YouTube’s own keyword tool. Sam Uherek, the instructor, shows you how you should use the numbers you get from this research in your spreadsheet.

I left the video with an “eh?” feeling… What are we going to use these data for?

Okay, on to video #2 – 5 minutes long, or short. More about keywords. One of customers had asked a question to this video. He asked what “As seen on” meant, and since I started out by reading the comments, I could continue watching the videos with the reply in mind. Make sure you check the comments, too, before watching the videos.

Next video – # 3, also 5 minutes long. Sam promised us that we would soon know if our chosen keywords were good or bad. Great. Looking forward to that.

While watching this video, I start to get AHA-moments. Woah, this makes sense. Great analysis of the competing videos. Cannot wait to continue.

But, alas, thanks to my shitty Internet connection, video #4 was defect. I had to download it again. I cannot wait to get a fix connection, instead of having to rely on 3G.

This time it worked. Video #4 is less than 5 minutes long, and it gives a nice overview and explanation about the numbers we’ve found during our research. You need these numbers in order to figure out what to do to compete with the videos that are already ranked. I must say that it doesn’t look very hard to do, but I guess that most people don’t know how to do it, and what they must do. It’s obvious that the top ranking videos only got a few things right, in fact.

Looking good so far. I would love to continue, but…

Tube Authority Blaster Review to be Continued…

I’m sorry, but I have to go. It’s Sunday, and my husband don’t want me to work too much, so I’m off to play blood elf with him in the old World of Warcraft, from before Cataclysm ruined it all.

See you tomorrow!

Edit: You can read the continuation here in my blog post named Tube Authority Blaster Review (5) – Watched All the Videos – Many, but Short – and You Don’t Get This…

Britt Malka

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