Blue Global Media – an Affiliate Network for You?

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This is the second time, Blue Global Media asks me to write a blog post about them. I actually never succeeded in becoming an affiliate there myself, but I thought… why not?

In short, they are a payday affiliate network who specialize in payday loans and offer high prices to their affiliates. Something for you? Read on to find out.

I Only Write About What I Know

If this sounds obvious, I’m sorry, but I wanted to make sure that you understood. This is not an endorsement. You have to make up your own mind about this place.


Well, in order to be able to write about Blue Global Media, since they asked me, I tried to join as an affiliate back in February. They didn’t ask any specific questions – only the usual: name, address, website url, telephone… Just simple things. So I filled out the form and submitted.

Later the same day, I got an email from them, saying:

We are sorry but your application has not been approved at this time.

If you are a genuine affiliate and you want to be part of our network but feel your application was turned down unfairly, please contact us by telephone at 001-915-654-1230

I replied by email that I didn’t want to call them from my mobile phone, and that I was a genuine affiliate. I never heard from them.

However, I still know something about them, namely that you theoretically at least can join their Payday loan affiliate program. But be prepared of the possibility that you have to call back.

If you succeed in joining, you can make $100 per lead as far as I understand. So you can make money by helping other people getting a loan or getting deeper in debt, depending on how you see things.

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