How To Find the ClickBank Refund Rate Before You Promote a Product

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If you’re promoting affiliate products from ClickBank, you’re probably aware of the fact that not all products are worth promoting. Some appears to sell a lot of copies, but as many as 75% is being returned, and the buyer asks for a refund.

Others maybe sell good, and have a low refund rate. These are the products you want to spend your time on.

In this blog post, I’ll show you in a short video, how you can reveal the refund rate of any ClickBank product just by using ClickBank’s own information and a neat calculator, you can find at (Obs! As a Pro Member you can look it up directly. You don’t need to use the calculator. That helps me a lot!)

  • I used the ClickBank marketplace to find a product with a big gravity (lots of sales), and to see what an affiliate earn on the initial sale.
  • I used the sales page itself to find out the product’s price, and I found a link there that led to an affiliate page, where I could see the percentage they paid their affiliates.
  • That and this site was all I needed to find out whether or not I had a great product.

Watch the video below for further details:

In This Video I Show You a ClickBank Refund Rate Calculator

In this video, you’ll see how:

  • I pick a promising (back in 2010) product in ClickBank’s market place.
  • I find the sales price, what affiliates will make with their first sale, and the commission rate they offered.
  • I use a ClickBank Refund Rate Calculator to find out that the refund rate is actually more than 15%.

Now that you know which products are worth promoting, how can you make money from them?

There are several ways. I promote affiliate products that I’ve tested myself to my list and on this blog, and by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Lately, I’ve also started to use small videos, and promoting affiliate products through YouTube and Viddler.

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3 thoughts on “How To Find the ClickBank Refund Rate Before You Promote a Product”

  1. Yes, and hopefully we will get rid of all that trash. I saw products, which on their sales pages looked very interesting (although a bit over-hyped), but then I saw refund rates of close to 100%!


    BTW if you are a payment member of CBengine, you don’t have to do the calculations. You can see the ClickBank refund rate right away, and THAT is a very interesting view, I can tell you!

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