Tube Authority Blaster Review Continued – Watching First Videos (DON’T PANIC)

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The first area in Tube Authority Blaster is called Mind Map. These are videos that explains the Mind Map you get with the course, and they give you an overview of the whole process.

I’ll give you a quick overview about what you can expect here as well as tell you about my brief moment of panic.

But first, I’ll show you a screenshot. It illustrates how easy it is to download the videos as well as transcripts, if you don’t want to watch the videos in your browser, online.

Tube Authority Blaster Review - easy download of videos

Mind Map Videos inside Tube Authority Blaster

Video 1 – is actually called zero (0) in the file name, and it’s an overview for the whole overview area 😀 It’s only a little longer than 1 minute. Nice and short and to the point.

Video 2 – Understanding. You have to understand different concepts before you move on.

There was a statement I would like to get more information about. They said that more comments meant more sharing. Why? How do you know? I hope they’ll get back to this point later in the course. This video is a little more than 3 minutes long.

Video 3 – YT for success. Know your market and your target audience. This is a point I often skip, and it’s probably the most important step of them all. I just guess… Haha, I also guessed that my followers on a Danish site about computer tips were women aged 20-45, and when I sent out a survey, I discovered that most were men, aged 55+. I will NOT quit my “day job” and become a clairvoyant 😉

But I thought – how will grand-ma do this? Hopefully, they’ll tell us an easy way later in the course.

Wow, a nice tip here about what to put in the description of the video. Not just the link. I’ve never heard that one before. Brilliant.

Video 4 – Authority. Now I start to think: “HELP! I want to see hands-on examples”. But they’ll come. I have to be patient. (Not my favourite virtue.) I should have read the comments, first, because below video #2, one of the staff members writes:

[…] the purpose of a mindmap and the mindmap videos is to show a little bit about where the course is going from a strategy perspective. It satisfies the “Why are we doing this” question that many people need to know. The “How” is found in the checklists section.

Video 5 – Action. Yeah! I love action! And I got from “Help! I want to see how this really works” to “DON’T PANIC. THIS IS AN OVERVIEW, DUDE” in my mind.

This video leads nicely into the next area, the Checklists.

A Few Comments from Customers

You’re allowed to post comments beneith the videos, and it’s nice, because you can learn from other people’s questions or experiences.

I noticed an experienced YouTube user’s comment about the videos:

This is the best breakdown seen and I’ve been using YT for a while. I’m into internet marketing and social media. Thanks for the videos.

Another one asked, how much time this would take daily – and that was a question I was thinking of, too. The reply was:

How long would it take you to build such a channel? Some people are really excited and do it in a short period of time, for others it takes longer. And it is all natural in both situations.

If you are asking how long it would take to do all the checklists in the action plane, I would say it might take months or years, because it is not the easiest thing to become a YouTube partner. But if you are asking about a channel that has some authority and uploaded three videos, I think you can do that within a week. Sure, you wouldn’t have a high page rank on your channel, because it’s new.

So simply ask yourself, would my neighbour spend this much time on optimization, commenting and building backlinks on YouTube? If you feel like you are spending too much on YT, work on something else meanwhile because it’s probably not natural.

I liked the answer. You can compare it to building a blog. You can create a blog with three blog posts in … I don’t know … an hour or so? But building an authority blog? That takes years and years. Not to become an authority, but to maintain this status.

And you can build your blog and do other things as well. Just as you can create your authority channel on YouTube and still be a blogger.

I like that.

Conclusion to the “Why” Section of Tube Authority Blaster

Watch the videos to get an overview. Or – if you don’t care about the WHY, just take a look at the mindmap. You can download it below the first video in this section. The HOW will follow in the Checklists area.

In case you want to jump in a get Tube Authority Blaster now, you can use this link:

Missed the beginning? You can read part one here: Tube Authority Blaster Review – Part 1

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