A Few Facts About My Latest Income Source

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Most of my income right now derives from one domain, and from AdSense ads on that domain. And I don’t like that. I like to spread out my income, in order to not be vulnerable.

So, as you might know, I have lately found a formula for making easy money, called Easy Paycheck Formula and I don’t even have to invest anything else than a little time. So far, I’ve made three campaigns.


First campaign made in a hurry, without having watched the videos, no sales so far.

Second campaign, made right after having watched the videos also: 1 sale after 13 days.

Third campaign, made after reviewing videos: 1 sale after 1 day from only 3 visits. (That was yesterday.)

But these facts are only the beginning. When everything is set up, it stays online, and they all three have a potential of making me more money in the future.

And let’s take some facts about how much time I’ve spend on these campaigns:

First campaign, 1 blog set up, 1 article written: Time spend: 55 minutes.

Second campaign: 1 blog set up, 3 articles written: Time spend: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Third campaign: 1 blog set up, 2 articles written: Time spend: 47 minutes (my best so far!)

I really love this system, because it’s easy to do, and it costs me nothing to create new campaigns daily, or even twice a day, if I like.

My incomes derives from AdSense, like I told you, from books and videos, I make, from one mini-site (I’ll make more of those in the near future), and now also from this Easy Paycheck Formula system.

Take a look at it – this direct link will give you access to an early bird discount, but only for the first 500 packages: http://easypaycheckformula.com/strategy/?id=518

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