Money Making Ideas – How to Make Money with a Free HubPage

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If you like to write content one article at a time, HubPages is an excellent place in which to do it.

You get easy-to-use publishing tools, and you'll be part of a community, so your articles – or Hubs – will soon be read by other people.

As a plus, you can even make money with your Hub.

Create an Account at HubPages

It’s easy to set up an account with HubPages.  You only need your name and email address, plus a password of your own choosing.

After you've created your account, it's a good idea to upload your photo.  People like to read content from real people, and if they are able to see how you look, it will enable them to relate to you more easily.

Set up Your First Hub

The first thing you must do, is to choose a title for your hub.  Make sure to add related keywords to your title.  Even though “My First Hub” may sound nice to you, you will not easily be found under that title.  And, even if somebody stumbled upon it, they wouldn't have the faintest idea about what you would be writing.

Look for inspiration in some of the featured hubs, or just come up with your own keyword rich title.

Use the same keywords in the URL of your Hub.

Right now, the hottest Hub of all is called “Butt Naked Ice Swimming”, and the author has chosen “Butt-Naked-Ice-Swimming” as his URL.  In both cases, you don't have to do any further reading to realize what his Hub is all about.

And guess what?  When I search on Google for “naked ice swimming”, his Hub turns up as the top result.

You then have to choose a category, as well as a starting layout.

Even though the layouts only show one picture, one text blog, etc., you can add much more when you are writing the actual content.

Add a few tags, and you're ready to continue.

Monetize Your Hub

You can easily monetize your Hub in many other ways.

HubPages makes it a one-click choice to add programs from Google AdSense, Kontera and the eBay and Amazon Affiliates programs.

You just have to sign up with these programs, if you're not already a member.

Add Content

Adding content to your Hub is a snap.

You can easily upload pictures, or even integrate videos directly from YouTube.

Write your content around those pictures and videos and, by incorporating both headlines and sub-headlines, your Hub will be more interesting and readable.

1 thought on “Money Making Ideas – How to Make Money with a Free HubPage”

  1. I fully agree. I have also enjoyed creating lots of different HubPages. 🙂
    What I enjoy most is the possibility of adding photos/images to hubs. In comparison to articles which fit the EzineArticles directory, I enjoy the opportunity to create a smart page in virtually no time, and in time hubs have actually begun to generate quite a bit of traffic.
    In the beginning I didn’t really see the perspective in all of this, but it certainly changed as I got the feel for the system.
    Thanks for a good article. 🙂

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