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Are you buying info products?

Doh! Of course you do, if you’re interested in money making ideas. And you probably buy loads of it.

That’s good and bad.

Good, because in our business, we have to keep learning and educating ourselves. But bad for the following reasons. Maybe you’re making this mistake, too.

This making money online business is just like a chain letter. We all make money from the next person down the chain, until we reach the end… and the poor, unlucky fellow there will be left holding the baby.

How do you know if that person will be you?

Well, for some people, it’s always them. They don’t have a list. They don’t have a blog. And they’ve chosen whom to follow on Twitter just to get auto following back. They have nobody to sell their product to.

For them it’s easy. They know they are IT.

For others, the big gurus. It’s never them. They don’t even buy the products. They just recommend them, and people buy. For now, at least…

I think this will change. More and more people unsubscribe from lists, where the gurus offer nothing or little else than sales pitches.

So, how do you choose the right info products to buy?

Don’t think: I can resell this and get my money back, when you are choosing what to buy.

Take a look at your plannings. What are you working on at the moment? Are you building an empire of small niche mini-sites? Are you working on making more income with AdSense?

Next look at the info product at hand. Will this make you get closer to your goal? Will it help and support what you are already working at?

Like e.g. I am working at a mini-site right now. I need traffic to that mini-site, so I went ahead and got a second product, telling me more about how to get traffic from Google. The two products can work together. So can a third product, I’ll get soon, which tells me more about article marketing.

I don’t get these products in order to sell them to the next guy. I get them to learn from them myself, and since they fit into my business plan.

What products have you just bought? And could you use them?

1 thought on “Purchase the Right Info Products”

  1. Yes, there’s absolutely no sensible alternative to buying products to help you to learn. After all, the online marketplace changes so quickly that it’s important to stay up to date.

    I generally mainly go searching out products when I need a solution, but I can get caught up when ther’es a very good offer on. The other option is really those products that I’ve had my eye on, but no real use for, when I occasional try and make a project to use them. So there’s an end goal in mind, that’s the most important thing.


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