Original Way to Get Traffic to Your Site

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If you think that the only way you can get traffic to your homepage or blog is through the Internet, you’re wrong. There are several other ways, even original ones, that can send you traffic. Even walking on the street, if you do it the right way.

Wanna hear my idea?

Get a QR Code and a T-Shirt

QR codes, those two-dimensional codes you might have wondered what are, serve their purpose best offline.

You can add different kinds of information into the code. One of them is a URL. And people can read the code through an app on their smart phones.

Qrcode getmoneymakingideas Typically, someone will scan a code with an app on their phone, and the app will immediately direct them to the encoded URL.

There are plenty of places online where you can have your QR code created, and then you can save the image to your computer.

Add a short hook that will make people interested in scanning your QR code on top or below the picture, for instance: “Scan for a free gift“.

Next you need to put it on a t-shirt.

Specialty-t-shirt.com offers t shirt screen printing and they can make you embroidered shirts from your own design.

You have to order at least 25, as far as I understand, but that means that you only have to wash your clothes every three weeks. Or you can give some of them away, and make even more people advertise for your blog or sales page.

3 thoughts on “Original Way to Get Traffic to Your Site”

  1. OMG thats genius! a good twist on this method is to hover around outside a large festival with your T shirt giveaways – be sure to hand them out to good looking girls! and have “scan me” printed above the barcode – drunk guys and hot girls with scan me written on their chests? they may get arrested for assault but you’ll get plenty of hits LOL, thank you for this – made a refreshing change from the usual social bookmarking advice 🙂

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