I’m a psychic and a lot of grey-hat guys will hate me for telling you this (read before you lose money)

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I’m a psychic…

I know that today, you’re likely to receive mails with one or more of the following subject lines:

“Wow… He Just Lost 22 Grand!”

“Some Guys Have The Worst Luck…”

“How To Protect Yourself From 99%+ Hacks”

“Are You Open Game For Hackers?”

“Home Insurance, Pet Insurance… Google Insurance?”

How do I know? By using scrying water? My cristal ball? Cutting open *Pigeons* and studying their liver?

Are you like a Pigeon ready to get plucked?Are you like a Pigeon ready to get plucked?

Oh, I see more…

“2012: More Hacks Than Ever…”

“What if you lost everything?”

“Are You Open Game For Hackers?”

“[AWESOME] Easy Steps To Prevent 99%+ Hacks”

“It Could Happen To Anyone…”

The Hour of Truth Has Come – No, I’m not Psychic

I sometimes know which scratchcard to buy, but that’s about it.

The reason why I can foretell that you’ll probably receive mails today with the above mentioned subject lines is that a new product is launching today.

– affiliates get 100% commission

– affiliate can win nice prices

– BUT there has been no review copy and the product is not for sale yet


That the people, who recommend this product, probably haven’t tried it, but just uses pre-written emails to give their recommandations about it – to you!

So that you – who trust those people – go and buy this product.

I have nothing against this product

Since I haven’t seen it, I cannot say to you: stay away. It’s no good. It might be good.*

I’m just suspicious, because I’ve noticed that if you get preview copies, it’s normally because the product delivers value. If there’s no preview copy… Well, sometimes it’s because the creator have something to hide.

This mail is meant for you to be suspicious of the recommendations you get. Not everybody has the same criteria for promoting stuff that I have.

– I want to try the product myself

– I must love the product myself

– The product must be useful for you

If not, I don’t promote the product.

If you see recommandations that you have your doubts about, don’t hesitate to write back and ask more questions.

If the person who recommends the products don’t know how to answer simple questions about it, he probably hasn’t seen it, and is just recommending it for the sake of the profits – not for your sake.

Be careful – it’s a jungle out there!

Have a nice day 🙂

P.S.While it’s hard, if not impossible to protect yourself against hacking, you can ease the pain by having a good webhost. I was happy to get help from Hostgator, while one of our biggest sites got hacked. They found the leak, cleaned up the files, and sent us notice about everything they’d done, and how we could close that hole (a forgotten blog that hadn’t been updated). Sign up for Hostgator here, and use “malkadiscount” as a discount code to get the first month for 1 cent, or use their own offer, if it’s better.

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