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Yesterday, I bought a product called "Psychological E-mail Writing Formula" because it’s an area I love to discover more about.

I know that chances are you don’t have a list, so I decided not to tell you about this product, but…

While I was watching the bonus video, I thought of you.

==> http://malka.im/e/psymail

It handles one of the major problems product creators have – namely getting traffic to their offers.

Some people say you can just pay for traffic with Facebook ads or Google AdWords, but doing that is similar to cold calling.

In my opinion there are only two ways that really work, and if you take a look at those who sell thousands of copies, you’ll discover their secret:

They use affiliates and email.

Jason Parker, who has created this course that consists of 3 mail videos and one bonus video (really, just as important as the others), does a really good job.

He’s good at explaining stuff so it becomes simple.

And except for one loud cough that made me jump (LOL) then it’s high quality videos.

You simply watch over his shoulders as he come up with several highly effective ways of writing emails.

No, it won’t hurt 😉

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. I know, I know… I can almost hear you let out a sigh…

But picture this… Most of these emails take him only a minute or two to write. And when you discover how to do it, you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

==> http://malka.im/e/psymail

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