Rockets over Haifa

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This morning, 3:24 am, I woke up to the sound of a siren.

Nah, it couldn’t be…

I woke up my husband (who claims he was awake, but I he wasn’t) because even though rockets have been raining down over Israel more than normally recently, then here? At Haifa?

We both listened.

There could be no other reason for that siren.

What do you think about during such a moment?

Somebody asked me that yesterday, and I could only answer him theoretically, because I hadn’t tried it myself.

I know that I’ve been worried about my son in Tel Aviv and my friends in several cities all over Israel.

Now I can tell you what I thought:

First, a very short inner prayer. Something along the lines of: "Please protect us."

Then another thought…

We drink a lot of water, because it’s very hot during the day, and I normally drink a big glass of water before I go to bed, too, in order not to wake up totally dehydrated.

So… my second thought was that I needed to go to the bathroom.

Then I remembered "Pulp Fiction" and how things happened every time John Travolta’s character went to the bathroom, and I thought:

"There’s no way I’m going to sit out there, naked, if a bomb hits our house. I’m going to wait until the siren has stopped."

Which it did not long after.

There were more rockets afterwards, but no more sirens (so far).

We couldn’t go back to sleep.

I couldn’t work either. Couldn’t keep focused.

In a moment, it’s our weekly day off, and I want to wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a peaceful weekend.

Shabbat shalom!

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