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There are a few things I disagree with Google and a huge part of humanity about.

One of them is video.

I find it highly overrated, and I prefer to read rather than watch.

But what can you say?

The facts are that:

  • Forrester Research has reported that: "The chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google increase 53 times with video."

  • YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, behind Google. People SEARCH for videos. YouTube gets 1 billion unique visitors each month.

  • Google now shows videos BEFORE text content.

  • Google often shows VIDEO THUMBNAILS next to the search listings of the pages that contain a video.

  • "Videos in search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results." (Econsultancy.com)

This reminds me of what I heard recently:

"You ARE not your audience."

Even though I hope you and I have a lot in common, you might be one who loves video… Like many others in our audiences.

So video is the way to go, whether you like it or not, but it doesn’t have to be bad.

I learned from George Katsoudas how to take advantage of this "love of video" trend.

This is what he said:

How to take advantage of Google’s and people’s love of video

1) Include video in your content.

Even if you just embed a YouTube video on your site, your visitors will LIKE YOU MORE and STAY ON YOUR SITE LONGER.

2) Use the proper "schema.org markup for videos" in your site’s code.

This gives Google more info about your video content.

For example, what’s the video’s title and description, how long the video is, where Google can find a thumbnail for the video etc…

Google can read TEXT just fine. But they need some HELP to figure out what VIDEOS are about.

The MORE INFO Google has about the videos that are embedded on your site, THE BETTER!


This is a sitemap that has links to all your videos.

Google can read the sitemap, find that video content, index it, and add it to its search results much faster.

Huge sites like the New York Times get crawled several times daily.

But, if you own a smaller site, like most of us, Google can take up to 4 weeks or more to find your content and index it.

In fact, sometimes, pages with great content never get found by Google!

That’s why it’s CRUCIAL that you use a video sitemap.

This looks like a lot of work, but…

Actually, it is a lot of work, unless you have a plugin that can do it all for you, and since George Katsoudas found out HOW to use videos to get his blog posts to rank higher, he also created the PLUGIN that will do it all with one click.

This is what it does:

1) First of all, the plugin adds the proper "schema.org video markup" to your content, AUTOMATICALLY.

The plugin can generate the code from videos you host on your site, as well as from videos hosted on "video sites" like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, that you have embedded on your WordPress site.

It even works if you just LINK to an external video (like a YouTube video).

2) The plugin also creates a really cool-looking video sitemap that notifies Google every time you add a video to your site.

That way, your video content gets indexed even faster!

You can see screenshots of the plugin, as well as download a demo from here:

==> http://malka.im/e/1clickvideo

If you want to get more traffic, this is one of the best – and easiest – ways to do it.

No need to get more links.

No need to write a ton of text.

No need to worry about Google updates.

No need to mess with any black hat tactics that will get your site de-indexed.

No need to give a small fortune to some shady "SEO expert."

This plugin does something that Google WANTS you to do. In fact, on the plugin’s site, there’s a video from Google’s own Matt Cutts who talks about the importance of adding the proper schema.org markup to your sites.

The price of the plugin will be going up with each sale, so make sure you get your copy now, at the lowest price.

Here’s the link again:

==> http://malka.im/e/1clickvideo

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. The plugin has a 10-times-your-investment-back guarantee. Either it will make you 10 times what you invested in it, or you pay nothing.

I’ve known George for years, and I completely trust him. He keeps his plugins updated all the time and provide excellent quality and results. Besides, he’s a really nice person.

Check the 1-click video ranker plugin here: http://malka.im/e/1clickvideo

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