I Thought “Info Product Killer” Was Just Yet Another Make Money Fast Scheme

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If you were wondering, why I was so quiet, it’s because I’m working. Actually, I stayed up all night to read, watch videos, learn, and finally start working on a site that has been laying dormant for a while. The reason for all this activity is “Info Product Killer 2010“, which I originally – and mistakenly – thought was just the latest mayfly that would be dead tomorrow, and long forgotten next week.

I saw a lot of the usual stuff like “getting a new Ferrari every week” (yeah, stuff like that only happens to others, not to me), “from broke to Ferrari” (yeah, that’s what HE claims!), etc. And I didn’t believe them. They all say that. We’ve heard that BS so many times now that it has just about the same effect as “I will be taking this free video down any day soon”.

Yeah! Right!

It was only when I read an email from Tiffany Dow, saying: “You all know how I paid $147 for Info Product Killer? And I thought it was worth every penny – always been one of my top 2 products ever” that I realised that this wasn’t a new product. So I went ahead and bought it yesterday, because the price will go up again Friday. And because I trust her.

Since I only bought this a few hours ago, I cannot boast about outrageous skyrocketing income claims, but I can give you my honest opinion about the product so far.

What You Get When You Purchase Info Product Killer 2010

I thought I invested in an ebook and some videos. And I got both those items, but in fact, Info Product Killer 2010 is a membership site, and the content is constantly updated.

Be ware that in 10 weeks from now this concept will change!

Today, you get perpetual access to the membership page, but in ten weeks from now, it will become a monthly membership club. I’m not saying this to make you rush any decisions. Merely, so you know that you gain a lot by taking action now.

I’ll put a screen dump from the member’s area at the bottom of this blog post, so you can see how well organised it all is. It’s easy to know where to start, and where to continue. If all the links look un-visited, it’s because of the program, I used to take the screen dump. It has a build in browser to take this kind of pictures. Pretty smart (Mac only).

What You’ll Learn From Info Product Killer 2010

If you purchase this product, please use it. It’s so stuffed with good content that I will eat my old hat, if it’s not possible to make money by using those tips and tricks. All white-hat, of course.

You will learn which niche sites to create, and you’ll even get templates for them that you can use, or not use.

The keyword is speed. Craig Kaye said in one of the videos that he made around 15 new sites every week, so as you can guess it’s not something to spend days on…

You will also learn where to get affiliate products from. Craig makes most of his income from Amazon.

You will learn a smart tip about buying domains which are aimed at hyper targeted buyers.

And you’ll learn some SEO stuff that works. I know it does, because for a short while, I made a big mistake! Huge! I got employed! (Argh, I said it. I almost said the dirty word “job”.) Well, I was employed for nine months in Pixmania, and I learned some SEO stuff from them. They boasted of having a 6% conversion, which is huge! This system takes it many steps further. I’m really curious to see how well my sites will convert. (Ha, btw, I noticed that some of Craig’s sites were above Pixmania’s in Google.)

You will also learn about ClickBank products, but I haven’t read or watched to far in the program yet.

Oh, yes, several of the ebooks and videos is about Christmas. The best time of years – no matter if you celebrate it or not. Easter is also a great time, but for this purpose, nothing beats Christmas. People shop like crazy in that period of time.

Why Kill Info Products?

For several reasons. One reason is that being an affiliate for physical products could be a short-cut to customers who would else be almost impossible to reach. (I learned that trick from Michael Gunn, btw.) And for Christmas time, most money is made on physical products. No doubt about it.

Following this Info Product Killer 2010 system, you will be able to make a lot more sites with physical products than with info products.

Personally, I will still promote both info products and physical products, but I will make a shift towards the latter. I already had success with a mini-site build with eBay products, so I know it works. Having learned from Info Product Killer 2010 will bring in a lot more income. I feel absolutely sure about it. But I think I noticed a money back guarantee, just in case… Not sure. I’ll have to check back. Husband just called – dinner’s ready!


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