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You remember yesterday where I asked you about your favorite series?

You know what replies I got?

None! Not one!

This can mean three things:

  • You don’t have a favorite series.
  • You were watching socker – worldcup whatever.
  • You don’t want to answer me.

Anyway, I try not to take it personally.


I have a few favorite series myself, now that you’re asking.


"Star Trek"


"Back to the Future"

"Perfect Strangers"

But what do series have to do with affiliate marketing?

Oh, I can mention a few things. Let me start with this.

I don’t watch TV.

For 11 years, we lived in France, and everything is in French there, movies, TV, radio… Not much fun in listening to Clint Eastwood saying, "Tu vois, le monde se divise en deux catégories: ceux qui ont un pistolet chargé et ceux qui creusent. Toi, tu creuses…"

That didn’t make my day.

Besides, already in Denmark, where I was born, I didn’t watch much TV.

So how did I know about "24"?

A Danish friend told us that it was a great series and lent us season 1.

We watched it and were hooked!

Why did it work?

1: We liked and trusted our friend.

2: He had a great product to promote.

3: He shared his opinion about that product.

Easy, right? If he’d had an affiliate link, he would have made money – easy money – just like that.

How Can You Use This as an Affiliate?

You can just do what our friend did.

1: Become liked and trusted.

2: Have a great product to promote.

3: Share your honest opinion about the product.

But there are much more you can learn from series, and I will tell you about that in time. It could very well mean the difference between making affiliate money and wasting time.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Hint: If you tell me what your favorite series is, I might "remember" much faster to tell you about this important marketing lesson.

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