[Fiction] Hands-free fiction writing (mail 5 of 6)

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Can you believe it?

We’ve been in Israel 3 years today.

Yes, of course you can believe it, because you saw my other mail about with a great 36% discount offer 🙂

But back to fiction…

If you want to publish fiction books because of the great potential it offers for making a lot – REALLY a LOT – of money, then you’ll love this blueprint to do it totally hands-free.

The product creators are Amy and Deb, and they always stand for great quality and good ideas.

==> http://malka.im/e/handsfreefiction

They have this to say about their product:

"Hands Free Fiction Profits reveals how to outsource fiction inexpensively and effectively. We walk through an entire strategy for fiction outsourcing and provide a step-by-step case study with our own fiction book!

Fiction is incredibly popular and outsells non-fiction 6-to-1. Fiction publishing is a great passive income stream..if done right!

Our special offer reveals the five best ways to promote a book. We reveal five in-depth methods to show what is working right now for book promotion plus ebook directory submittal software."

I want to write fiction myself, but that doesn’t meant that I’m not tempted to try their method – maybe as a supplement.

And they explain really well how you can hire ghostwriters (and pick the right one) to write a novel just as you want it.

They even offer a case study, where you can watch over their shoulders how the do, starting at zero, meaning without plot or anything.

==> http://malka.im/e/handsfreefiction

They don’t claim that you’ll get the next Hemingway novel (but who can read him without falling asleep?). They will show you a way, though to have books written for you that can make you money.

Here’s what you get:

Hands Free Fiction Profits
Hands Free Fiction Profits

The One Time Offer is about book marketing – what is working today, and I highly suggest you get that one also, especially since it isn’t very high priced. After all, if you want to go hands-free, all you have to do is to market the book, so you’d better do it the right way.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Latest news: Included Is A Killer Bonus: Interview With Paul Coleman where he shares insider secrets you won’t find anywhere else on publishing books that sell! Grab this thing and make money with fiction => http://malka.im/e/handsfreefiction

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