[Affiliate Marketing] What’s the purpose of a review? (mail 5 of 6)

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I had other plans for today's mail, but have you noticed…

We are not always the big masters we think we are?

You can plan all you want, but if people are involved, then everything can happen.

And it did. The product I would have told you about, it's not here yet. So you'll hear about it later instead.

Things happen.

Sometimes it's good, and we're happy.

Sometimes it's bad. And at first, we're sad. Then it's about finding the good thing in the bad thing. And learn and grow.

When things happen, you're not the master. But you still have to act. And how you act, defines the outcome.


Right, we've talked about how reviews help your readers take a decision and either buy or don't buy.

That's the best purpose of your review. To help your reader say "yes" or "no".

If your reader says "maybe" and go elsewhere to look for more information, you haven't done your job well.

And another one will either get the sale, or gain the trust of the reader by helping him take a decision.

How can you write the best reviews?

Of course, it can never be perfect, but you can start out with going over the product you review and stop all the times you have questions yourself.

  • Will this work for me?

  • Do I have space for this?

  • Is it worth the price?

  • Should I rather get another model?

  • Can I find it cheaper somewhere else?

  • What does this mean?

Don't skip a step, and don't fall into the trap of only telling the good things about a product. It's so easy… Especially if you really love that product. I know I'm guilty of this myself, because I'm SO happy with a product that I want everybody else to get it and be happy as well.

But people are different. What makes me happy might not make you happy. So tell what you know about a product.

(Note to self: Remember that, too!)

Okay, I'm off to celebrate that we've been in Israel 3 years today – in a few hours, 3 years ago, we arrived in Haifa. I had never been in Israel before.

Do I love it here?

Do fishes live in water?

Do birds fly?

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Instead of a link to a product to buy, I'll share with you a link to one of my favorite songs:

Medabrim be sheket – let's talk in silence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZvjVGv5o7A

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