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Friday again, can you believe it?

Two minutes ago it was Sunday, and now…

Rabbits - you'll understand in a moment...
Rabbits – you’ll understand in a moment…

But that is good. It means that it’s time to relax, and that is not only healthy.

It’s also known to increase productivity on other days.

Now, you’re into affiliate marketing. Or at least you’re interested in that topic. (Or you didn’t vote yet.)

That means you need traffic for your affiliate offers, and the best kind of traffic is email traffic.

It’s targeted.

It’s people who know you.

It’s hopefully people who trust you.

I suggest you use at least 15 minutes daily on growing your list and mailing to it.

Of all the topics related to Internet marketing and making money online, my favorite is email marketing.

It’s fascinating! Because it means getting in touch with people. I love that!

So I commit the big error or preaching…

Just like back many years ago, I lived in Roskilde in Denmark, and I had a friend from Turkey. She’d lived in Denmark since she was three, and we had a lot of fun together.

One thing, though. We didn’t agree to what kind of things and art were pretty.

When I bought her gifts, I bought her things I loved myself.

She would look at it and say "thank you" very politely.

But I could see that she didn’t really like it, and I never saw her use any of my gifts.

One year for her birthday, I was on the hunt for a present for her, and I found something I really adored. Right before buying it…

It hit me!

I should get what SHE liked, not what I liked.

So I found some clay rabbits, and when she received them, you could see how her face lit up, and she was truly happy.

Yes, I accept that you might not be as crazy with list building as I am.

I can’t force you.

I can tell you that it’s THE most important aspect of any business.

But if you don’t want to do list building, then that’s it.

If you already do, great 😀 Then you’ve seen the light.

Speaking about light… It’s getting dark here soon, and I’m going offline.

Have a great weekend.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

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