[Affiliate Marketing] No! No teeshirts for me (mail 4 of 6)

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Rant warning!

I don’t rant often…

But I’m so tired of reading about making thousands of dollars with teeshirts.


And yet, I know.

Those courses sell so well.

Even those that cost $1K or $2K – just tell people that they can make easy money selling stuff like teeshirts and they buy.

How many teeshirt millionaires have you met?

I’ve heard of one. I haven’t met any. But I have a friend who has knowledge of a person who has made several thousand dollars using Don Something’s FB ads method.

So why is that we get mail after mail with new and smart teeshirt selling teaching products?

Because it’s a dream. It’s a dream of easy money.

Okay, let me sell you a dream.

Imagine that you could make thousands of dollars making people thinner.

Read this book, and tomorrow you can start your business as a plastic surgeon.

Imagine fat women and men streaming to your clinic, ready to hand over their credit card, making you rich.

Can you imagine that?

If you’re having a hard time, then you’re on the right path.

There’s something missing here.

Sure, it’s a nice dream, but…

You still need to learn the skill.

You cannot just read a book or watch a video and then – voopti – you’re off to make millions.

Yes, I used a naughty word: "learn".

It’s neither sexy nor popular.

It’s necessary!

Yes, I could sell you a dream. I get plenty of review copies of nice dream videos, or dream ebooks or dream applications.

I don’t tell you about them, because I care about you.

You will not see me sell you a dream, but if your behind feels sore, it could have been me who kicked you.

Learn the craft.

As an affiliate, the MOST important craft you can learn is list building and email marketing.

If you skip all else and just want to focus on one thing, this is it.

This week I’ve told you about two excellent products:

Mark Thompson and Pete Van Zilj – List Building Nexus: http://malka.im/e/nexus

Paul Nicholls – Sales Funnel Comando: http://malka.im/e/paulnichollsfunnel

In stead of glittering teeshirts products or other push-button schemes, you should get one of them and learn the skill.

End of rant 😉

But really – you owe it to yourself!

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Tomorrow: Discover how to make what you do a real business that will create income.

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