Writing an Ebook in 48 Hours – Is that Possible?

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No doubt about it – one of the best money making ideas is to write e-books. From there, you can either give them away, or you can sell them. But it all starts with the e-book.

If ebook = money – then fast ebook = fast money.

Which means that the faster you can come up with your ebook, the better, and the faster money can you make.

Yesterday, I wrote about how I got started with my first ebook. Today, I’ll tell you about another ebook that had a great impact on me. An ebook that made me write my own ebooks in 48 hours (in fact, less).

One of my friends and colleagues recommended that I bought the 48 hour report by Jason Fladlien, and since I trust this friend and his judgement, I did.

The ebook (also called Instant Product Creation System) is based on the learning principle that says that people learn in four different ways. Some wants to know the WHY, others the WHAT, others again the HOW, and finally some wants to know the WHAT IF.

Four w’s, if you count the last letter of “hoW”, instead of the first.

Jason Fladlien explains very well how this should be utilized, when you’re writing a report or e-book, and it makes the whole outlining problem a question of filling in the blanks.

I don’t always stick to that structure, I must confess, but knowing about it, and having read the ebook (and will do again), and seen the videos that came with the product truly makes it a lot easier to crank out ebooks in a very short amount of time.

Well, I wrote one only last Friday in – according to Open Office – 1 hour, 22 minutes and 3 seconds:


Beat that 😉

But okay, I’m used to writing fast. I learned to type blind when I was 12 or something, and I can hit around 400 keys in a minute and coming out with something that isn’t totally rubbish. You might not get the same results, but I think you will be able to improve your speed. Or just get started, at least.

Jason has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you lose nothing (but gain a lot) from buying his Instant Product Creation System.

2 thoughts on “Writing an Ebook in 48 Hours – Is that Possible?”

  1. 1 hour, 22 minutes and 3 seconds. That’s very impressive!

    If it’s a subject I’ve thought about before sitting down to write I can generally pull a 10 page e-book together in a couple of hours (but I’ve never properly timed it). That’s with a nice template ready to go. So, by the time I take out the cover, disclaimer, contents and resources page, that only really leaves 6 to write.

    But, I have to be motivated, otherwise I get easily distracted. 🙂

    Then I spend a lot longer than that refining it, sorting sales copy, and trying to get it set up on the server. 🙁

    All of Jason Fladlien’s products are fantastic and 48 Hour Report is no exception. You can’t go too far wrong with anything that Jason releases.

  2. I just came online and need to make money full time,I ive in japan and have about 31 days to at least get 1,000$.

    I have my ebooks on gumroad and now I just need sells from them.

    Great work, thanks.

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