Branding – Do You Really Need a Logo?

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Do you really need a logo just to brand yourself?

Experts are not in doubt. Yes, you do.

A lot of people accept this fact, and then they create their own logo in PhotoShop, or they pay somebody five bucks to do it.

According to this Houston logo design company, a logo does matter, and there are three things you should look for in a logo:

  • The colour of your logo.
  • The shape of your logo.
  • The energy of your logo.

Picking the Right Colours of Your Logo

Remember that colours mean different feelings and emotions. If you want to be seen as an person filled with energy and passion, red might be your colour. Blue is for the quiet and trustworthy person.

When I worked in a big, Danish supermarked chain eons ago, we learnt that when we put groceries up on the shelves, we should sort them by colour, the light colours first. This had prooved to give more sales.

Softway Solution has the following to say about the colours of your logo:

Personal preference should not dictate the color of any logo. The color of a logo should rather identify with the type of industry you are in and target audience. For example, a standard blue may mean security and health care, other hues of blue have different connotations. Make sure your brand specialist can tell you why certain colors were chosen for the logo design.

Should You Choose a Square or a Round Logo?

Not only size, but also shape matter.

The way your logo is designed should mirror the concept of your company, your blog or your personality.

Based on the shape alone, which company do you think wants to show the dignity of age? Coca Cola or Nokia?

What do you think Lego and Microsoft have in common?


Famous LogosPhoto Credit:


What Energy Should You Add to Your Logo?

Do you want to show speed and energy in your logo, or a calm and quiet personality?

According to Softway Solution, the age of your audience matters.

Energy in the logo means how busy or simple the logo is. For example, if your audience is seniors then your logo should be simple. If your audience is children then a busy logo would be more suitable.

Do You Have a Logo, or Do You Plan to Get One?

We bought our logo back in the year 2000. It wasn’t a Fiverr job. We contacted a graphic artist and told him about our thoughts, and he made several layouts before we chose the final one. We paid what corresponds to $2,150 for it, and we haven’t regretted. It was one of our best investments. That, and the domains we bought already in 1997: and

Malka logo

Are you planning on getting a logo in the near future? Or do you already have one? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Branding – Do You Really Need a Logo?”

  1. My father had a shop (men and women’s clothings, like most jews had back then).
    In France, children didn’t go to school on wednesdays back then, but we went to school on saturday mornings.
    So most of my childhood, I was in the shop on wednesdays and saturday afternoon.
    At first I was only sitting there, then I began to keep the cashier and after a while, I began to work in the shop.
    Already back then, must have been in the middle of the 70’s, my father always wanted the clothes to be nice and clean (had to brush them) AND in color order (dégradé, as we called it), from light to dark. I had some problems doing that: Starting with white, then beige then… uh oh… not brown because then I go to black… and what about green and blue? That was something of an exercise in color, I tell you that 🙂

    Anyway, I thought it was funny because my father never learnt of marketing or things like that, but he certainly was a natural to sell things.

    And it is right: put things in color order and it becomes much more agreable to see and to look at.

  2. Hi,
    Yes, we had a logo made for our business and it was a nightmare! The people that had been contracted for us (we won’t go there!) were terrible. They wouldn’t listen to what we wanted and we had to wait at least 6 weeks for any change we made then when it finally came down to the final draft, it appeared that they just threw things on the logo without any thought as to our specs. I could have done just as well myself and my little computer software! (BTW, the business went belly-up within 6 months….wonder if the logo had anything to do with that? Certainly didn’t help I am sure!)

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