How Do I Write My First E-book?

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Many years ago (more than I would like to think about), I joined a writing class, and one of the promises was that before it had ended, I would probably have written my first book.

A book? The thought scared me. How would I ever be able to write a whole book? Yes, it had always been a dream of mine, but actually doing it?

Now, equally many years later, I’ve written almost 50 books, I guess. More than 25 have been published through a Danish publishing house, almost all of those translated into many other languages, and the last six years or so, I’ve been writing e-books, too.

But how to get started? How do you write your first e-book? You might be able to learn from my experience.

Do you know that in 2002, I actually wrote in a book that has been published that e-books were dead?

Ouch! Talking about being wrong. BIG TIME!

Well, luckily, I changed my mind later, and I don’t remember how or exactly when, but around six years ago, I stumbled upon a home page that sold an e-book that promised me that I could write an e-book in seven days.

I remember bookmarking the site, thinking about it all, and then come back a day later, leave, for then finally to go back and buy the book. After all, they promised me that I could get my money back, if I were not satisfied.

This was my first encounter with Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale, who would many years later become very famous because of the movie “The Secret”. It was also the first ebook I’ve ever bought, and it let to an encounter with a whole new world, including persons like Marlon Sanders, and finally on to Internet Marketing.

What is really fantastic is that this ebook is still for sale, and that is a proof of value.

Since then, I’ve read several other books about writing e-books, but this still stands out like something special for me. Maybe because it was the first, yes, but also because it’s very well written, and you learn what to do (and what not to do) to get your first book out there in a week.

So if you hesitate and don’t know how you will ever get your first (or second) e-book written, I recommend you read about it first. I will write about other books here, that I recommend, but this is perhaps the best one to start with, since it includes everything from finding your niche, planning the book, writing it and setting it up, how you make the PDF-file, how you publish it, even how you get editing for free. This book made a big difference for me, so I recommend taking a look at it: How To Write and Publish your own Ebook in as little as 7 Days.

1 thought on “How Do I Write My First E-book?”

  1. Excellent development – from believing e-books were dead… 🙂
    [But you’re not the only one to err. Bill Gates thought the internet was dead in the mid-90s, so other have been wrong too.]
    Tremendous accomplishment, and I can vouch for the fact that your books are well-written so if any of the english readers see your books on IT-based subjects, they should definitely buy and read them. Every single one of them was worth every penny – and more.

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