Five Reasons Why You Should Be Utilising Curation

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Curation is the latest hottest thing in the blogosphere. And there’s a good reason for that. In fact, there are several good reasons. Here are three of them.

Reason 1: Curation Improves the Quality of Your Blog

If you could write all the best and most intelligent content in the world, you wouldn’t have any need for curation.

But you probably can’t 🙂

So this is why grabbing some of the best stuff other people have written, will help improve the quality of your blog.

Somebody at the Warrior Forum put it very well. He wrote:

Steven Rosenbaum (author of Curation Nation) was on NPR the other day and he was asked about the same thing, Whats the difference between Curation and content farms?

He explained it very well and talked about for a while, but it basically came down to this:

With Curation, people are making intelligent recommendation and sharing information with each other and there is no financial gains for curators, unlike content farms that are usually used by affiliate marketers who write articles only to promote a certain product or service and make money doing so.

Reason 2: Curation Makes it Easy to Add New Content

When you frequently add content to your blog, it will rank higher in Google and other search engines, under the condition that you add quality content, of course.

Curation makes it so much easier to:

  • Come up with new ideas.

  • Create content – you are simply copying and pasting a big part of your blog post.

This tool might even help you further. Take a look at this short (1:46 mins) video:

Reason 3: Curation Adds Outgoing Quality Links to Your Blog

In the years 2004-2008, I curated a huge authority site. It ended up with around 1,500 articles on it, and in many of them, I had outgoing links.

Back then, people worried a lot about outgoing links. They thought that only ingoing links were any good.

Well, my site didn’t exactly suffer. It made me at least $2,000 per month on autopilot for years after, and it’s only lately that it’s down to around $500 per month. And yes, I haven’t touched the site since 2008.

ProBlogger wrote a blog post about outgoing links back in 2009, and he tells us three reasons why he uses them. Among them, this one:

Linking to your sources makes your content more useful to your readers.

Good content is useful content. I’m constantly talking about how to build a successful blog you need to be producing something that is useful in some way to those reading it. By linking to the page where you take a quote or idea you’re providing your readers with the opportunity to read more on the topic or see the quote in it’s original context.

Your reader may or may not click the link – but it does give them the opportunity to explore further or learn more.

I know that as a blog reader when I’m reading a quote that I find particularly interesting that I want to learn more about who said it. If there’s no easy way to do this I think have to go to the effort of researching myself. I actually find this annoying and it creates the impression to me that the author of the content is too lazy or stingy to go to the effort themselves.

Giving readers other things to read around the web adds depth to your blog. Yes it sends people away from your site to read someone else’s – but if it’s a link to something good they’re more likely to come back because you become a trusted source of information.

This is more relevant than ever. People want useful blog posts. The search engines wants useful blog posts. When you curate texts or pictures from other sites, you add a link to give credit, and your readers can explore further through your links.

Additional Reasons?

When you start using curation yourself, you’ll probably come up with several additional reasons. Maybe you already have? If so, tell me about them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why You Should Be Utilising Curation”

  1. Another well-written and informative article, Britt.

    I’ve been seeing the word ‘Curation’ beginning to appear in the Marketing Marketplace lately, without fully understanding the significance of the word.

    This information admirably adds to my knowledge.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Pete 🙂 You should try curating some blog posts. It’s really fun, and you learn a lot 🙂

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