Money Making Ideas – Make Money by Giving Away Your Info Products

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This tip is both a fast, free, and easy money making idea, so get ready for something good 😉

How about giving your readers your info product for free, and still make money in the process?

Yes, that’s perfectly possible, and it’s free and easy too.

Sign Up for Free Here

First, you should visit the site ShareCash and sign up with them for free.

Create Your Info Product

If you don’t already have a product, now it’s time to create one. Make a video, a text file, or what you want. Almost only condition is that it has to be downloadable, and no more than 200MB, and… another condition:

You are not allowed to upload adult-related files. Nope. Nothing at all. Not even text files. Apparently, you’re allowed to upload hate-material, violent material, racist material, killing-your-neighbour’s-dog material… Okay, I’ll stop now, but I never understood the witch hunt on adult-related materials. It’s more or less a part of nature, you know…

<stepping down of soap box now>

Upload Your File

When you’re done with your info material, upload the file, and go on to the Uploads Manager.

Choose your newly uploaded file, and click on Details. Write a nice description, and copy your download link.


Click on Submit, and you’re ready to continue!

Now go back to the Uploads Manager, choose your file again, and click on Create Mirror.

Choose a mirror server, and your design. It’s one-click decissions, nothing difficult. Then click Submit again.

You will now receive a link to your file mirror. Copy that link and use it to give away your info product.

Wanna see how my report looks like? Go ahead, and click this link to get it:

If you click on Regular Download, you’ll be asked to fill in a short survey. And so will your visitors, if they decide to take you up on your offer for a free info product.

Disadvantages: You cannot combine this with building your own list, unless you leave a link in your ebook for people to sign up from.

P.S. See this screenshot of the possibilities I got:


Morality is good, eh?

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  1. Hey Britt,

    Thanks for the info. I haven’t started with my info product yet but I will definitely work on it soon. 🙂

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