Seven Easy Money Making Tips

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So you’re after no-sweat easy money making tips? Well, I’ve collected seven for you here, so you have a place to start.

Easy Money Making Tip 1 – Make a Squidoo Lens

You don’t need to have knowledge about HTML, adding pictures or links or anything, when you create a Squidoo Lens.

Ha, in fact, you don’t even need an affiliate account on Amazon to make money. Squidoo makes everything very easy.

In this video, Tiffany Dow shows you how to set up your Squidoo Lens:

Easy Money Making Tip 2 – Make a Blogger Blog

Blogger is a great place to start, if you want small, highly targeted pages about products. I’ve used it with huge success, while I followed Sara Young’s course about how to make money on Amazon.

Funny thing is that a small blog I created in July 2010 still is sending me money every month, and it took me less than an hour to go through it all.

Is that easy or what?

Read, what I wrote about this method in September 2010:

First campaign made in a hurry, without having watched the videos, no sales so far.

Second campaign, made right after having watched the videos also: 1 sale after 13 days.

Third campaign, made after reviewing videos: 1 sale after 1 day from only 3 visits. (That was yesterday.)

But these facts are only the beginning. When everything is set up, it stays online, and they all three have a potential of making me more money in the future.

And I was right about that, because they do. Especially the third campaign that took me only 47 minutes to create.

Easy Money Making Tip 3 – Put AdSense on Your Blog

In my experience, AdSense isn’t as profitable as it has been. Not because of the Panda “update”, because that hasn’t hit any of my sites, but probably because people have less money to invest and there are thus less money invested in AdWords.

But it’s still one of the easiest way to make money. All it takes is to add content to a web site or blog, and to add the AdSense code. Let it blend in with the text for best results.

In my opinion, the AdSense Guru is still Joel Comm. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about his latest book, AdSense Secrets 5:

To say that “AdSense Secrets” changed my life is a vast understatement. When I first heard about this eBook, back in 2005, I was making less than a couple of cents per day, so even though Joel Comm promised that you could ten double that amount, I didn’t think it could help me.

I used some free advice to grow my income, and then I got hold of AdSense Secrets version 2. Some small changes made a huge impact, so I purchased AdSense Secrets 3.0, when it came out. I also have AdSense Secrets 4 and now AdSense Secrets 5.

Easy Money Making Tip 4 – Create Your Own Product with PLR

It will save you a lot of time on research to use PLR products. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means you have the rights to use it as if it were your own. You can (and should) change it and put your name on it.

Lots of successful entrepreneurs use PLR as a basis of their producs. But it’s important to find some PLR of high quality.

Here’s a short list of PLR Stores you can trust:

Our own: Malka PLR Store

Tiffany Dow’s PLR: PLR MiniMart

Nathan Devlin’s PLR: PLR Express

Easy Money Making Tip 5 – Write for iWriter

If you want a quick and easy way to make money, you can use iWriter. You can join for free, and then check if there are any interestings jobs available.

When there are, you click and write, and if you do your job well, and your article is accepted, you make money.

I’ve written several tips about iWriter on my blog about article writing.

Here’s an example from a blog post titled iWriter Strategy – Work Smarter, Not Harder:

First, I want you to know that I only recommend ghost writing for others as long as you don’t have other projects that can bring in passive income. When you are writing for iWriter or other places, you sell your time. If you write PLR articles, or eBooks and reports, you sell yourself, you can get passive income even years later.

Easy Money Making Tip 6 – Put a Gig up at Fiverr or Alternatives

Make an easy fiver or more, just by putting up a gig on Fiverr or any of the alternative sites.

You can make gigs about anything. You can find ten Fiverr gig ideas here. For example:

Title: I Will Create A Recipe For Your Foodie Blog for $5

Description: I will write a recipe for you to use on your blog or website. Includes min. 300 words of quality, unique content. No adult topics, please.

Instructions to Buyer: Please provide a category – like ‘soup’. And then tell me if there are any specific ingredients you want me to use. No adult topics, please.

What you need to know: You need to be familiar with writing recipes, and how hard is that?! Recipes themselves are not covered by copyright. So you can use any chocolate chip cookie recipe you find anywhere on the web. But you will need to be able to get creative when writing out descriptions and directions. You’ll want those sections to be original content.

Easy Money Making Tip 7 – Do Small Jobs on MTurk

I knew about this site, but it was my son who reminded me of it, because he started to make money there. He’s not the born writer. He’s – to be honest – just recently started to use the English language, and yet, he’s making money there.

I found a HubPage that lists some real good tips about how to make money on MTurk, for example the first two of the ten points (all worth reading) quoted below:

10 Points to Keep in Mind.

If it’s your first month consider doing HITs which pay less i.e. 1 or 2 cents. Some HITs are adequately priced even at 1 cent such as a requester might tell you to type an 8-digit number from an image in to the form.

As your experience grows try doing only HITs that pay more than one cent. Avoid task which you feel are inappropriately priced. This time your target should be to at least to make three dollars for every work of hour.

What You Should Do Now

After you’ve read these seven easy money making tips, you should pick one of them and try it out. Don’t give up when you hit the first road block. These tips have actually worked for their authors.

If you find out that it didn’t work for you, try one of the others. In fact, since they are all easy money making tips, they are easy to try out as well.

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