Money Making Ideas – Can You Make Money With Your Hobby?

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Do you want one of my easy money making ideas? Why not turn your hobby into a money making business?

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve done it for more than… oh, wait, I’ve done it my whole life. And I’m not gonna tell you how many years THAT is 😉

Have you ever been playing “supermarket” as a kid? Well, I did, and when I was 13, I got a job in a real supermarket.

Oh, that doesn’t count?

Well, how about this, then. My parents gave me a light-brown typewriter made out of plastic, and I started to write small stories on it. Later on, when I was 12, they gave me a real typewriter, and told me to take a course to learn to type blind.

I did, and I was always able to find summer jobs in offices, because I could type a bit too, if necessary.

Let’s jump a few years, shall we?

Around 8 or 9 years ago, I got the idea of learning PHP. I thought it would be fun, and I learned it just for fun. Later, I ended up creating scripts for others, and even writing a book about it that has been published in Denmark.

Yeah, I know what you’re waiting for. A REAL hobby. Not just some geek sort of thingy that strange people find fun.

In fact, I’ve only mentioned all of the above because of one thing:

It taught me that whenever I do something, because I find it fun, I can always make money from it later.

So when I started getting interested in World of Warcraft, it didn’t take me long to find a way to make money with my hobby. Actually, I make more money each month with it, than I pay for my subscription.

How Can You Make Money With Your Hobby?

Chances are that if you have a hobby, you know more about it than most people. Can you write about your hobby? Then you can create a blog. Or if you can take pictures of it? Make a photo blog.

You can monetize it in so many ways: AdSense; affiliate products; eBay; Amazon; Kontera; or by file sharing through a service like ShareCash.

You can even create your own info products and sell, or build a list with a free report.

Tell me about your hobby in the comments, and why you can or cannot make money with it.

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