Money Making Ideas – Top Three Blogs to Follow

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Money Making Ideas

If you’re looking for money making ideas, it’s always great to get inspiration from different places. I do that a lot myself. Well, I’m not that good at following blogs, to be honest, but I purchase several products per month, and they guide me sometimes in new directions, and other times they help me focus.

However, there are blogs that I read when there are new blog posts on them, and I’ll tell about them here.

These are my favourite blogs to go to when I want to get inspired about new or fast money making ideas.

Blog 1: Andrew Hansen is one of my favourites, and I’ve been following him for years. He’s always giving away a lot of information in his blog posts. They are not frequent, but of very high quality.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post titled “How To Build $100 A Day Income In 2012 With Minimal Work”:

Ok, friend, here it is. This is how I think anyone reading, can go from $0 to $100 a day in affiliate/ad income with almost no work and but a minor investment in 2012.

Is this a plan for income overnight? No. This is a 12 month plan. It’s a plan for anyone who can put their entrepreneurial ADD on hold long enough to focus on one thing for an entire year (you know… the way real business people do). This is a plan to generate a lasting income from a solid business; A plan to reach $100 a day initially, and push from there to $1000 a day and beyond.

This is not a “new” concept either. It’s just a smart one. You ready? Here goes…

Blog 2: Tiffany Dow

On her blog Tiffany Dow shares episodes of her life as well as her business ideas and experiences.

She’s very open and honest about everything, and always enjoyable to read. I rarely miss a blog post on Tiff’s blog.

Just to give you an example:

Unfortunately, in my opinion, there’s no cut and dry – black and white answer here. It really could go either way. Let me explain the two scenarios:

Scenario 1

You work on just ONE mammoth niche site. You exhaust this topic as much as you can but know there’s always something new to add to it, so really, it will never end. (A good example is the home and garden niche – there will always be new models, new brands, new techniques to add to the site).

You could build that baby up into a true authority site. Like Mayo Clinic is to the health niche. You could really make tons of money this way.

Scenario 2

You build up smaller niche sites, ones that ARE exhaustive (like product specific) and then once the content is exhausted, you set and forget it and move on to another. This too can be really profitable – even with small search volume, because when you go product specific, people searching for brand and model names and numbers are generally buyers, not info seekers.

So you set up dozens of these that work for you. I myself have a few product specific ones – very little search volume, but daily sales. It amazes me.

So which is better?

What you do NOT want to do is try to build dozens of scenario 1 sites. When there’s on-going content to manage, you’ll burn out and be unable to achieve the “go to person” status you’re needing to make it a huge success if you have too many sites to take care of.

Blog 3: Copyblogger

Copyblogger’s blog is one I stumble upon from time to time, and then I always find high quality blog posts worth diving into.

In “Marketing a Boring Product”, for instance, they bring a tip that I really love and have used with great success for something different – marketing a giveaway event. I ended up on the Top Ten list for doing that.

The Louvre in Paris, France houses over 35,000 pieces of art.

While the Mona Lisa is certainly not mundane in and of itself, it’s just one of the many splendid pieces of art in that building. In that context, it’s fairly mundane.

So why does everyone rush to see the Mona Lisa? You know the answer already, don’t you?

At some point, someone decided to highlight the Mona Lisa.

In doing so, they played down 34,999 other works of art. That’s akin to having a product with 35,000 features and playing down all but one feature.

Other Blogs With Money Making Ideas?

Like I said, I’m not that good at reading blogs myself, so maybe you can add some to this short list?

There are some that I visit from time to time. I used to love, and I sometimes read PotPieGirl’s blog, and Joey Kissimmee’s.

I know you can add at least one that will make me go: OOOOh, yes, how could I forget that one?

So please help me out in the comments. Add your favourite blogs in the money making ideas area.

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    Very good blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Many thanks!

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