What You Can Learn From the Dog Next Door

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barking dog and money making ideasUnless you live in a complely deserted area, chances are that there is at least one dog in the neighbourhood, and chances again are that this dog will be barking both loudly and often.

Don’t despair. You can learn from this dog.

It’s hot in France right now, so we have our windows open, and one of our neighbours has a dog that is barking constantly. (This doesn’t seem to bother our two own lazy dogs, luckily.)

The dog goes: Woof, woof, woof, woof, and then next series of more woofs.

It doesn’t seem to get tired of this work, and it’s throat doesn’t seem to get irritated. Not even after hours of barking.

But never the less, I’ve learned from this stupid animal.

First, I’ve learned that you can find inspiration anywhere, if you just search for it. I was sitting by my computer, thinking about what to write on this blog today, when this hound did his steady job outside.

So, I got this idea.

Because what it does it simply fantastic. It’s barking has absolutely no effects. Our neighbours isn’t going to let the poor thing in anyway soon, and still it goes on, without hesitation. Filled with patience.

Do you work the same way online?

Today, I wrote five more tips for my World of Warcraft blog. I have five subscribers to the list for that blog, but still I go on, like a barking little yap-yap. I will stick to this work for several weeks. And if nothing happens, I will consider doing something differently. But for now, I know that I just have to keep barking, and keep being patient.

What do you think? Write your woofs in the comments, please.

Foto credit: Perfecto Insecto

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  1. Awesome! Yep, I’m still yapping just like a little dog. The louder and longer yapping could be what makes the difference. I’m not giving up any time soon! Great post!

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