[Product Creation] How to find ideas that sell

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How is your weekend?

I just went outside to sit in the sun and listen to an MP3 file… I managed 15 minutes – then it was too hot 🙂 Lovely!

When it comes to creating products, you need two things:

  • An idea for a product that will sell.

  • To write or record or have created for you that product.

Only two ingredients to that recipe of success 😉

Reward the ideas you get Reward the ideas you get

But some people find it hard to come up with ideas, while other cannot find time to follow up on all their ideas.

To the second group, I’ll say this: You have a first world’s problem. The solution is easy: Pay somebody to create your products for you.

To the first group, I’ll say this: You have a real problem, but it’s also easy to solve. You might not lack ideas, but faith in your ideas.

This could be because…

  • You want everything to be perfect.

  • You want to know for sure that your idea will sell before you put energy in it.

  • Your idea sucks.

Of course, it could also be because you don’t have any ideas, in which case this might inspire you.

I just saw a mail letting me know that I could win an iPod Nano, and then there was a link to participate.

I followed the link and the site told me that I could give the vendor ideas for new products. They would give away an iPod Nano every month based on the ideas they got, and the idea that sold the best would grant its inventor an iPod Nano.

If you do something similar, you could have plenty of ideas ready faster than you could say the word “brain-picking”.

You would get ideas from future customers who would want to buy your products, since they themselves gave you the ideas.

What’s the price of an iPod Nano? … Oh, wow, really? I thought they were cheaper. Anyway, you don’t have to fork out $150 for a Nano, you can find something cheaper, Cheapskate 😉

(That’s what I would do.)

You can even add a security net, like saying…

I sell my products for $9.95 – I pay my affiliates 75% of that, which leaves $2.49 to me.

A Nano costs $150, that’s 60 sales of my product to break even. If ALL sales go through affiliates.

You could probably say that there should be at least 50 sales for an idea to be able to enter the competition.

Or you could go without safety net and get many more ideas.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. By the way, you got this one from me for free. Of course, if you want to send me an iPod Nano, let me know, and I’ll give you my address 😉

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