How Do You Come Up With the Best Money Making Ideas?

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Have you ever tried to sit there in front of the computer, thinking hard about how to make money NOW? Or, if you’re not in a hurry, how to get some cash tomorrow?

I know I have on occasions where all of a sudden an expensive thing broke down, or I just saw THE offer of the day for a product that I simply HAD to get.

A few minutes ago, I read a blog post that told me exactly what I needed to know in order to come up with great money making ideas.

Rodney Daut at Self Influence has written a great blog post about how to boost your creativity in 43 seconds. Rodney is also taking part of the blog30 challenge, and I’m glad he did, because that made me discover his blog. He uses scientifically proven facts as background knowledge for his blog posts.

In this blog post, Rodney tells about how to boost your creativity, and isn’t that what it takes to come up with a great money making idea?

Research has shown that many types of creativity require abstract thought. And thinking of events in the future causes people to think more abstractly.

So instead of putting a pistol to your head and think: How can I make money now? You should think about how you’re making money one year from now. You don’t have to be specific. The fact alone that you’re thinking about the future, will make you think abstract.

And it works. Rodney quoted one of the problems, the participants in the experiment had to solve, and I solved it within seconds. Funny thing is that the problem talks about a rope, and I saw sheets before me, when I started the process of solving the problem, and came up with the result immediately.

Absolutely worth trying, in my opinion, the next time you want to come up with some money making ideas. Don’t think “now”, think “future”.

What do you think?

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