[Product Creation] Find idea, create, and sell – free webinar (cry!)

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Okay, I shouldn’t cry, of course, but still, I’m sad that I cannot see THAT webinar!

The webinar starts today at 11am EST, and that’s exactly the moment where I will put on my sandals, get my camera, grab my husband by the hand, and leave the house.

We’re going to a concert with Enrico Macias, who’s visiting Haifa tonight.

We saw him back in France in 2003, too. It was a great concert. I love his music and his positive mindset.

We have tickets for the front row – the middle seats 🙂

Enrico Macias 2011 - He was a looker as young
Enrico Macias 2011 – He was a looker as young

But… since I cannot be in two places at once, it means that I cannot participate in this interesting looking webinar:

==> http://malka.im/e/blingpc

Normally, I don’t like going to webinars. So many are boring… Not getting to the point. Wasting the first 60 minutes teaching nothing and then trying to sell you stuff.

Barb Ling’s webinars are different, though.

Be there on time.

Expect to start immediately and start discovering what you came there to see.

And why would you go there?

Imagine you heard about breaking news one day…

And then you created BOTH the product

AND the upsell the next day.

In just one day!

Then you launched it on the Warrior Forum the next day….

And received WSOTD or POTD 24 hours later!

Think that’s impossible?

Think again!

That’s what my colleague and friend, Barbara Ling, achieved 3 weeks ago when Freelancer.com announced it had bought Warrior Forum. From conception to WSOTD – 3 days!

==> Find out how she did it today at 11am!


You probably already know Barb Ling.

I’ve been following her for years.

I’ve bought several of her products, and been on many of her courses.

I’ve ALWAYS gotten an immense value from those courses.

This webinar is free, so go there and get inspired:


Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. P.S. If you need to find out how to get product ideas and create them, then check this webinar: http://malka.im/e/blingpc

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