[Affiliate] The biggest mistake most affiliate are committing (maybe you?)

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Are you into Amazon affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing in general?

Actually, never mind about answering that question.

This is valid for any affiliate marketer.

Yesterday you heard about a word you should avoid using, and why you shouldn’t use it.

Today, I’m going to reveal something you definitely should do – and of course I’ll tell you why.

Do you have a list?

Why is a list important?

When I started on the Internet, I created a home page.

I didn’t use it for long, because it was meant to attract clients to my accounting business. Luckily, I didn’t stop there, but started to teach and then write.

So besides that first failure, the thing I did was:

Building a list.

Before I set up a site for my tips, I started to mail them to my list.

(My “list” consisted of 10 people I knew to begin with… We all have to start somewhere.)

I sent out appetizers for my tips and invited people to visit my site to read the full tip.

On my site, I had AdSense, and I made close to $100 on Fridays when my tips went out, and around $70-$80 on normal days.

Even when – caused by an error – my site was deleted from Google’s index, it still got almost as many visitors as usual, because I could contact them through email.

But email lists are more than that.

I’ve been running blogs since Blogger was a newborn product.

When I got really lucky, my blog posts got a few comments.

People are shy. They might want to tell me what they though when they read my post, but to do so meant showing their name, their avatar, filling out a CAPTCHA, and more.

So most didn’t do it, and I don’t blame them.

But I get a lot of response to my mails and…


If you want to do successful affiliate marketing (with or without Amazon) you need to build a list. That will also show you that you’re not alone in the world. You’ll get replies. You’ll get to know your subscribers. They will not just be a “list” to you, but names, faces, persons.

Do it 🙂

Build that list.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. The following three days I’ll tell you about three products that ended up on my computer. All are related to list building and creating an affiliate funnel. See you tomorrow.

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