1 – from idea to action

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Hi Paindealer

My husband is – or rather “were” – working on a blog about movies: http://www.koivoir.com/ – you can take a look, just for inspiration. It’s in French.

There are possibilities with movies. You can write about them and have an affiliate link to Amazon. Affiliate means that you recommend their products, and you get paid a pourcentage for you favour.

You can also put up AdSense – Google ads – but I recommend you wait until you have at least 10 postings on your blog.

Now as for your blog… You can create one for free and with the rights to put ads on at www.blogger.com, like we talked about.

It’s easy to put AdSense on there afterwards, since Google now own Blogger. But lets talk about AdSense later.

I propose that you chose the keywords, you want to attack. Keywords are the words, people use to find informations in a search engine. If you can find two-three keywords, you have the name of your blog.

Now, to learn about keywords alone takes a lot of time, so this will only be a brief introduction. A good rule of thumb is: what would you search for, if you were to find the kind of information you’ll write about?

You have this tool here for free: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Put in a main keyword like “movie” and see what comes out. Don’t forget to choose English as language, and all areas for country.

You’ll be able to see how many searches there has been on Google for last month and in average.

Do you see anything with a reasonable number of searches, and which you would like to write about?

Tell me about it in the comments. Only you will be able to see this post.

You could also try kombinations of keywords like “best movie”, and there you’ll have “best cult movie” and other stuff. If you specialise, you have a bigger change of getting read, because you’ll have less competition.

After that you should get a blog at blogger.com with the keywords in the URL and title, like bestcultmovie.blogspot.com or whatever you chose, but you can wait with this step, if you don’t feel comfortable about your choice.

Just remember: there is no perfect choice. And it’s not always the choise you think is the best that actually is the best. Even expert Internet Marketers are wrong much of the time. What makes the difference between them and people not having success is that they take action.

That’s the most important thing at all: take action.

Now enought for lesson one. Let me hear in the comments, how you do.

12 thoughts on “1 – from idea to action”

  1. My blog is up a running 🙂
    However i cant seem to find it if i search google. Have i chosen the wrong keywords? Maybe i need to start again, i hope not. Also what text appears beneath the found searchs. Is this something enetered seperatly or is it some part of the blog?

  2. :mrgreen: Well, if you could find your blog in Google that fast, you should be teaching me and not the contrary 😛

    I should have told you. I’m sorry. My mistake. I will normally take days, sometimes even weeks, before a site or a blog can be found in Google.

    Your site hasn’t been indexed yet, it seems (search for site:http://moviesonlinereview.blogspot.com/) – so you have to be patient a few more days.

    Now there are things you can do about that, and I’ll write a blogpost on that subject.

  3. Do that. I find it a little strange that you still not are indexed automatically in google, but well, it gives you time to write more 🙂

  4. something rather worrying has just occured, my site has been put under review for possible terms of service violation which is worrying. i have followed instructions to remove the warning but will have to wait a day or to. Reading the instructions i face deletion so for the until normal service is ressumed on not going to touch it. Have u had this? Im worried.

  5. We’ve had it on a blog, yes. They removed it after a day or two, but it’s annoying and it resulted in our buying a domaine for the blog instead of using blogger.

    What did you do wrong? Was it the photos from IMDB that you had already removed?

  6. I have copied everything , just as i finished I checked it again and its back to normal (breaths a sigh of relief). I think it was my deleting of pictures as i was doing it quite quick which im assuming was counted as spam as the pages was reloaded alot and quickly.

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