[Amazon] Ninja Reviews by Erica Stone – what do you get?

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Hi 🙂

You’ve probably already written a lot of product reviews.

And maybe you’ve done the same HUGE mistake that I did…

Erica Stone’s book made me aware of it.

She says that we should be on the look-out for the “Huh-What’s”.

The what’s?

I’ll give you a few examples:

  • white corrugated plastic
  • Dual speed range
  • 0–450/0–1,500 rpm

In other words – all the specs I used to copy and paste without thinking more about them.

Big mistake!

Erica tells you what you should do about them instead, and why this could end up giving you the sale.

Besides that great tip, she writes about things like:

  • How to find the important sub-headings for your review.
  • How to build up your review (she even gives a template you can use).
  • The difference between facts, opinions and trends, and how you should use this to earn the sale.
  • Research resources. This will not only save you time, but also make it certain that you cover EVERYTHING needed, so your readers will not need to go elsewhere. They can take a decision right here on your site. And THAT means more sales.
  • Why you should include situations and scenarios. This makes it more fun to write a review. It makes it a lot faster to write. And tripple bonus: It makes more sales.
  • What? No keyword research? Haha, no!

That and many other helpful info can be yours if you go here ==> http://malka.im/e/ninjareviews

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. As you can see from the comments on this thread, it’s possible to use this method, even if you don’t own the Amazon product => http://malka.im/e/ninjareviews

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