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“It hurts, Mom.”

My son was 4 1/2 years old, hot, his face was reddish. A blister on his forehead revealed that he’d gotten chickenpox.

The kindergarden had called me right after I reached my workplace. An hour and a half later I’d made the train trip back and could pick up my son.

Half an hour later he was running around, laughing, and having a good time.

Today, he’s 26 years old, and except from a sore throat for half a day when he was 6, he hasn’t been ill since.


I followed my dream of becoming a writer and quit my day-job. That meant a lot of difference to our little family (it was only me and the kids back then).

  • We could get up when we wanted. If we were too tired to get up early, we slept a little longer.
  • I could take care of it immediately if they had the slightest problem, like the sore throat. I didn’t have to send them off to kindergarden. I could keep them home and take care of them and get them well again fast.
  • Happiness! I felt so much better doing what I loved than going to work, doing boring stuff.
  • Hygiene! In the kindergarden, the children didn’t always wash their hands before eating and after visiting the toilet. And their towels were dirty. At home I could take care of such things.

How would life be different for you if you followed your dream?

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My dream was NOT to write non-fiction. I wanted to become a “real” writer and write fiction. Which I did at first.

By coincident I became a non-fiction writer. And that made me much more money while spending much less time, so I kind of stuck with what worked.

Did I invest in this dream?

You bet!

First I took one day off per week and went 20% down in salary.

Then I quit my job completely.

I paid for courses and books, and studied and wrote.

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Tomorrow it’s gone.

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Best regards,
Britt Malka

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