This common problem can kill your sales, lose visitors and get your blog in trouble

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Hi 🙂

I’m taking another lazy day here 😉

We even decided not to go shopping. How about that?

But I did get some things done, and I’ll tell you about one of them now.

You know what can kill your blog?

It doesn’t matter if you use your blog as a review site with Amazon products or as an ordinary blog – this can kill it.

If your blog takes too long to load, you’re going to lose visitors.

You probably know this from yourself – when you’re searching for information, and you click on a result – if it doesn’t show up really fast, within seconds, you’ll use your back-arrow and try another site.

That really hurts if somebody was ready to buy that expensive kitchen gadget. Or if you have great information on your blog and hope to get some AdSense clicks. Or just new subscribers to your list.

I wouldn’t know if I lose visitors like that, would I?

Yes. If you check your statistics you can see how many visitors stay shorter than 30 seconds.

Those short visits hurt your blog in more than one way:

  • Google sees it and thinks: Okay, that visitor didn’t like the result.
  • You miss the sale, the click, the sign up.

Besides, a lot of search engine will rank your site according to loading speed, so it’s a problem you should be aware of.

What can you do about it?

First of all, you should check if you have a problem.

You can do that in several places – one easy and fast way is to go here:

You’ll then get a result like this:

Ouch this looks bad

As you’ve probably guessed, red is bad, yellow is also bad but not as much, and green is good.

Below the color code and the score, you get tips on how to fix the problem.

Yeah, I know…

I wouldn’t know how to interpret that either.

I mean – “Enable compression?” Eh?

“Eliminate render blocking JavaScript…” Say what?

When I see “helpful” messages like that I always think, “Okay, I’ll look at that some other day.”

That day is today!

Thanks to Leslie Bogaerts’ easy guide I actually got two of my blogs fixed today.


They went from 52 and 58 (mobile) to 65 and 75. And from 60 and 69 (desktop) to 76 and 85.

They can get better, but I need to find a new theme for that, and I didn’t want to spend more time on that today.

Time spent, by the way: 70 minutes (give or take one or two) which included reading the guide and doing the improvements plus fiddling with two different themes.

One site was a blog with normal content consisting of text and images.

The other site was an Amazon review site with pictures, text and tables. That was the one that ended up with 85 in rating!

Leslie’s book is easy to follow and it takes all the mystic out of weird messages about “render blocking” and “compression”. You simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

I know that this is not a super-sexy topic. Making a blog run faster doesn’t seem like the first option to choose if you want to make money online, but it might be a critical one.

Just losing one potential customer who leaves your site can easily cost much more than the price of this book.

I highly recommend you get it and implement what it says. If you take it from the start and fix several blogs at once (I did two – saves time), and then go through all your blogs.

Almost everything is a one-time operation so it’s a great investment in your future.

Get it here, and make your blogs run faster and make more money:

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. It’s selling on a dimesale so you should get your hands on this book as fast as possible. Don’t be lazy! This is work that pays back and it’s really easy to understand.

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