Tiny list? New to list building? No problem (proof inside)

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Tiny list made huge profit

Yesterday I wrote about the difference between list building and email marketing and why the size of a list might not matter as much as most people believe.

For a lot of the guys with huge lists each subscriber is just a number. They measure their subscribers in $s.

They seem to forget that their subscribers are people like you and me. Real human beings. Not numbers. Not “cash cows”.

So we are some who want to be different. We have our list members in mind. We want to be of help.

How should we do that?

Well, the general advice is to “give value” – but I remember when I started out with my first English list. I was used to close to (sometimes higher than) 100% open rate, and when I created my English list and gave a lot of value…

Only 10% opened my mails!

After a few months I was so frustrated by this. Here I was, writing, helping, giving value, and nobody knew because they didn’t even open my mails?

The Mother of All Email Profits

mother of all email profitsTwo days ago I learned about a new product, launching today, by one of my Facebook friends Tom Yevsikov, who also happens to be a successful marketer.

I asked him for a review copy, since I knew from many mails from subscribers to my list that small lists (or no lists) were a problem.

I wanted to find out if his product would be of help for you…

I’d seen the sales page (and if you want to discover the embarrassing thing Tom did, then go and read it: http://malka.im/e/motheremail)

The product consists of a report (24 pages) and a picture of a mind-map showing the whole process.

It tells Tom’s story about his early steps into email marketing and his frustrations.

And whom he asked for help (haha, you can see that on the sales page, too).

It gives you ideas about where and how to get traffic, and the one or two mails you should put into an auto-responder sequence, and why you should write it in that exact way.

His ideas about this are awesome!

But I think my favorite part of the book is the advice he gives on page 16 and following…

That will work great in connection with the first part of his book.

How is it written?

It’s okay…

It’s easy to understand, but it lacks something… I don’t really know what. Action steps maybe? A “why read this” at the beginning of each chapter?

I’m not sure. The writing is good, but not great in my arrogant opinion.

But the content is awesome! And that’s what matters.

Whether you have a tiny list already, or you’re going to start now – or soon – then this book will be of immense value for you. Of that I’m certain.

Grab it here: http://malka.im/e/motheremail

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. You can see the proof of Tom’s tiny 94 subscriber list and the money he made with it here: http://malka.im/e/motheremail

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