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Hi 🙂

A while ago, I asked the subscribers on my list if they wanted me to tell you about both good and bad products.

And the verdict was: Tell me about the bad, too.

Which I did, but which I don’t always do, I’m afraid.

Sometimes there has been good products to tell about and I didn’t want to mail several times per day just to tell you about the bad.

At other times I was just writing about something different, like giving you a tip I’m using myself.

And then there were the products that weren’t really bad, but not something that made me jump up and down in excitement either.

The product I’m going to tell you about today is in the last category.

Small jumps, but…

I definitely see some good things about it, but I also see some weaknesses.

Light Speed List Building

I got review access to this product by Hamza Bk. and Brian Boyd yesterday late in the afternoon, which is why I haven’t tested their method, yet.

So I’m looking at this from a theoretical point of view, based on what I’ve already tried, done, and learned.



Unique Method

Like many others, Hamza is building his lists through solo ads.

I used to raise my left eyebrow when people spoke about that method, but I’ve seen serious marketers use it lately. Not spammers. Not serial-promoters, but guys who give away a lot of value.

So I had to change my mind or stay in the Stone Age.

The usual way of using solo ads is to come up with a freebie, create a sqeeze page, pay for ads, get traffic and new leads.

Hamza’s method is totally different. You don’t need a freebie. And the idea he has here is really awesome. Nothing I’ve heard of before.

Where we differ in opinion is about the looks of the squeeze page.

Hamza uses the traditional squeeze page with a headline, bullets and a sign up form.

I prefer much more text. I don’t want people to sign up without knowing WHAT they should expect. I want to prepare them beforehand of receiving mails from me with text in and not just “go here and get this because I say so”.

I also want new leads to enter their real and best email – and not some gmail they never check.

So if you get Light Speed List Building, I would recommend making the squeeze page longer.

You will NOT get as many sign ups, BUT you’ll get a list that reads your mails – and not 95% unopeners.

I must tell you, though, that Hamza used his method to get a 106% ROI on a 100 click solo-ad campaign during.

In dollars that corresponds to a profit of $8.18 net (he paid $40 and made $48.18 during the campaign).

Of course he might make more as time goes, as long as the new leads stay on his list.

You’ll also get a list of the solo ad providers Hamza uses – and I think this is excellent. Because if you don’t know anyone who’s successful with solo ads, whom should you ask, then?

Why I’m in doubt?

I like the unique aspect of this method. I like that you should at least break even with it, taking the risk out of paying for solo ads.

I love that you’re building a list mostly consisting of buyers.

But since I disagree on the squeeze page setup, I have no idea if this would work with a longer copy. Will it still be a break-even or maybe make me profits?

On the other hand again – most ways to use solo ads don’t include this money-making aspect, so this would be safer…

I don’t know – I will tweak it and try it my way, but I will have some preparations to do first. So I cannot tell you right now…

If you’re perfectly happy with the traditional squeeze page, and don’t understand what I’m weaving about, then go ahead an buy it for light speed list building.

And if you can figure out yourself how to add more text to the squeeze page (which isn’t so complicated) and you want to build your list, then go ahead and grab it.

Warp seven, Number One 😉

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Yeah, I’m a fan of Star Trek – and warp speed 😉

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